Fotofriend Video Booth: Record FLV Videos From Your Webcam by Adding Fun Effects

MOin 24-05-2013

Do you need to record a video through your webcam and add fun effects to it? Normally, in order to do this, you would first record the video through a desktop application. The next step would be to pass the recorded video through another effects-adding application in order to achieve your desired results. But this task can be made much easier simply by using a web app called Fotofriend Video Booth.


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Fotofriend Video Booth is a website that helps you to record videos from your webcam while adding fun effects to them. You do not need to sign up on the website to record your videos but the option to register for an account is available on the site. When you visit the site’s homepage, it asks you for permission to use your webcam. After allowing it, you will find the different effects that the app has to offer. There are lots of effects and you are shown four of them at a time.

After you select an effect, you are taken to the video recording page where you can begin recording the video through your webcam. Recording options let you set the maximum length of the recorded video: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 3 minutes. You can manually stop the video’s recording as well. Sound can be enabled / disabled for the video and the quality options include Standard and High.


Once the video is recorded you can save it locally on your computer as a FLV file.



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