FocusBoosterLive: Work Efficiently with This Online Timer
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FocusBoosterLive is a Pomodoro Time Management Technique based online timer, which helps you train yourself to work efficiently. The idea is straightforward, you simply set working and break times and then try to accomplish tasks and take breaks in a timely manner.

Using the timer is easy, once you have set session and break times click on the green button to start it. You can also switch on/off ticking noise and break time alarms.

work efficiently

In case you want to work offline there is a desktop version as well.


  • Online timer that helps you work efficiently.
  • Customize session and break times.
  • Switch on/off ticking noise and break alarms.
  • A desktop version is also available.
  • No sign up needed to use the timer.
  • Similar tools: E.ggTimer, StopWatch and some more.

Check out FocusBoosterLive @

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