Fluidtables: Free Seating Chart Creator For Your Wedding Party

Planning the perfect table seating for your wedding party can be a big hassle. You are never sure which of your invitees will attend, and you may be stuck planning for guests that confirmed their RSVPs at the last minute. There must be a way to plan this seamlessly. Fortunately, Fluidtables is a cool app that allows us to make seating charts for your party and edit them on the fly.

seating chart creator

Fluidtables lets you import your guest list to generate a seating chart. You can type in the name of the guest and the number of people they will be bringing. Once the list is imported, drag and drop any name from the guest list to assign a seat. You can also set the chart so that seats fill up automatically as more guests are added.

This app also allows you to change the seating as your guests confirm or clear seats when they cancel, making sure that everything is organized whatever happens.

Fluidtables is a handy and free app for anyone looking to plan a wedding or any party. Future versions will also include white-labeling for professional wedding planners. You can watch a video tour here.


Check out Fluidtables @ www.fluidtables.com

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