Floating Stickies: Floating Sticky Notes on Android

Azim Toktosunov 08-02-2013

If you want to take notes right on the screen while using your Android device, check out Floating Sticky Notes. These notes always stay on top of other apps on your Android device screen  (similar to sticky Post-it notes for PCs) and obey your finger gestures. Once you download and install the app, simply tap anywhere on a screen to bring up a new note. Eock them to the left side to hide notes or drag to move them around on the screen. Resize the notes with two fingers. Its all pretty intuitive to manipulate the notes with touch gestures as compared to handling them with a mouse on a PC.


sticky notes on android

There are many ways sticky notes can be quite useful on a mobile screen. You can easily copy/paste contents between multiple apps and between different sticky notes, share contents of each different note right from within the note. Closing a note will delete its contents. The app is free and is available for free download for Android OS.

floating stickiesFloating Stickies: Floating Sticky Notes on Android 34


Demo video



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