Flattest Route: Finds The Flattest Route Between Two Locations

Azim Toktosunov 28-05-2013

If your city/location has many hills like for example in San Francisco, then you will have to take steep routes to get between locations. If you wish there was an automatic way to find the flattest or steepest possible route (for bikers) to get from one location to another, check out Flattest Route.


It is a web app that lets you find the flattest route between two locations on a map. It was originally developed for San Francisco, but will work for other locations too. You simply select start and end points and click “Go”. It then finds you the flattest route between these two points.

The path is color coded along the route according to the slope at each point. Each color stands for the difficulty level of the slope. Green is easiest (<5%), blue is moderate (5-10%) and the black colour stands for the steepest points (>20%) on the route.

A slope chart is created for each route to give you an overall idea of the difficulty of the selected route.

find the flattest route

The app also shows you an elevation chart of the route by using Google Map’s Elevation Service. To change the route simply drag the location markers on the map. The respective elevation and slope charts will be automatically shown on the right. The chart will change a little somewhat based on whether you are driving, biking or walking to get to your destination.




Check out Flattest Route @

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  1. dan
    July 16, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    i don't think it actually FINDS the flattest route, it just analyzes the route provided by google maps. ... still looking for a "hill optimizer"...