Flash Card Machine: Create & Share Study Flash Cards
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FlashCardMachine lets anyone create study flash cards and share them with others for free. Sign up and create your own flashcards in different subjects, organize them into sets, reorder and copy cards within a set and insert images and audios. You can share your flashcard set(s) with others who study the same subject by forwarding its URL, which they can access and study without registering.

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Users may also browse flashcards shared by others by a subject or search using relevant keywords. Furthermore, flashcards can be saved to favorites for later reference.

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  • Create and share interactive flash cards for studying.
  • Share your flashcard sets with others.
  • Browse flashcards created by others, by subjects or search with keywords.
  • Over 75,000 public flashcard sets.
  • View printer-friendly HTML version of your flashcard sets or export them to your iPod.
  • Free, sign up to get started.
  • Similar tools: CoboCards, Cramberry and FlashCardDB.

Check out Flash Card Machine @ www.flashcardmachine.com

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