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Aaron Couch 07-12-2007

Flashcards make it easy to learn new concepts step by step. Now you no longer have to make your own paper flash cards but can use web-based flashcards. If you were looking for web-based flashcards, check out FlashCardDB. It is a simple online flash card maker. In their own words: “FlashCardDB makes it easy to create, staudy and share flashcards online’.


Currently they list over 50 million flashcards on their site. You can browse them by subject – Computers, Military, Language, Careers etc or search with keyword.

Once you found flashcards related to your subject, start going through them one by one from easy to difficult, depending on your proficiency level. You can use your keyboard keys to go back and forth between cards, show only front or both sides at the same time or click to flip to the back size of the card. Moreover, it lets you create your own flashcards and store them online in your account for later access.

If you want to take the flashcards for offline use, you can print out any flashcard to a PDF file and then print it out. All these features are free, but you have to sign up for an account to to print out flashcards or make your own flashcards.


  • Create and store flash cards in your account
  • Search or browse flash cards created by others (by tags / recently created / recently studied).
  • Organize flash cards using tags
  • Study Room: study flash cards in random mode, keep track of correct/incorrect answers, etc
  • No sign up required to browse and study flashcard online
  • Sign up or sign in with (Facebook/Twitter/Google) to print out flashcards for offline use or create your own flashcards

Check out FlashCardDB @


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