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8 Popular Websites You Can Fix Using Chrome Extensions

Shubham Agarwal 31-01-2019

The internet and its flagship websites have come a long way. Gone are the days when Amazon only sold books and Facebook was limited to a handful of schools. In the process, most of them have also become cluttered and too cumbersome to use. But thanks to a few alternative ways to browse them, we can enjoy an uncluttered experience.


Therefore, here are eight Chrome extensions that let you fix some of the internet’s most popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube.

1. Amazon Lite

Amazon Lite Chrome Extension

This extension gets rid of every unnecessary element from Amazon’s desktop website and leaves you with a clean design. That includes clearing up the endless rows of recommendations, advertisements, the huge offer banners, and more.

Instead, Amazon Lite replaces it with a home page that only has a search bar at the top and a handful of links for quickly jumping over to your past orders, lists, cart items, etc.

Also, when you look up a product, Amazon Lite presents you with a clear page with all the crucial filters. There’s also an option for switching to the original Amazon website and enabling or disabling the extension on-demand.


If you’re someone who is often distracted by the rows of recommendations or finds it too difficult to focus on what you’re searching for, this extension is undoubtedly a no-brainer.

Download: Amazon Lite (Free)

2. ShutUpBookingCom

Shutupbookingcom Chrome Extension

Unlike Amazon Lite, ShutUpBookingCom won’t magically revamp On the contrary, it mends a bunch of tiny, pushy design choices. The aggravating one is the constant alert which tells you if a particular property is in high demand. These are designed to force you into making a rushed decision.


ShutUpBookingCom is itself is a lightweight tool and won’t bog your computer down by making an already heavy website even worse.

Download: ShutUpBookingCom (Free) [No Longer Available]

3. Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer for Facebook Chrome Extension

Social Fixer is the ultimate utility for people who are fed with how Facebook has evolved. The extension allows you to customize or eliminate nearly any column or content on the website whether it’s stories or the chat window.


What’s more, Social Fixer comes with a flurry of options so that you can filter out anything you don’t like. You can do so by either setting up triggers or selecting an event from one of the predefined topics like Pokemon Go. Plus, there’s a stealth mode through which you can remove likes and comments. It’s can be the holy grail for Facebook addicts.

Download: Social Fixer for Facebook (Free)

4. Improve YouTube!

Improve YouTube! Chrome Extension

Our next extension on the list, appropriately titled Improve YouTube, does exactly what its name says. It features the ability to personalize every bit of the YouTube desktop website. You can move blocks around to your liking, ditch them, or tweak their various properties. For instance, the size of the player.


Moreover, Improve YouTube unlocks a vast number of features which are not even natively available. That includes tools such as a pop-up player, playlist control, options to hide moving thumbnails, and a whole lot more. You can even revert back to previous YouTube designs and configure custom shortcuts.

Download: Improve YouTube! (Free)

5. Shine for Reddit

Shine for Reddit Chrome Extension

Shine is another free Chrome extension that tries to fix the front page of internet i.e. Reddit.

The add-on refreshes the site’s design with an aesthetic that’s easier on the eye and more intuitive to use. One of the highlights of Shine is that it has a grid view so that you can quickly scroll through posts.

Plus, you can try on a host of different themes, layouts and choose the one that suits your preferences the best. Like others, it also has all the customization tools you need to hide specific sidebars and elements.

Download: Shine for Reddit (Free)

6. Fix Twitter

Fix Twitter Chrome Extension

Fix Twitter is not as powerful as other apps on the list. But it does improve the microblogging experience. It brings back a bunch of handy features Twitter decided to ax. For instance, it can show the good-ol’ replying-to indicator when you’re replying in a thread.

Furthermore, the tool replaces Twitter’s proprietary links with the original address and even hides the “in case you missed it” alerts.

Download: Fix Twitter (Free)

7. Improved Layout for Instagram

Improved Layout for Instagram Chrome Extension

This little extension fills the wide void in the whole Instagram experience by delivering a proper desktop layout.

Instagram’s website essentially feels and functions like a stretched out version of the mobile web page. The add-on overcomes that by turning it into a grid so that you can utilize the entire screen real estate and view more posts in one instance.

In addition, it puts the stories and suggestions sidebar onto a scrollable pane enabling you to hide and reveal it whenever needed.

The extension offers a bunch of other options including a dark theme, the ability to set the number of rows, columns, and a photo-only mode. Additional video controls are available too which let you rewind or forward them, download the file, and tweak the volume.

Download: Improved Layout for Instagram (Free)

8. Super Netflix

Super Netflix Chrome Extension

Super Netflix, as the name suggests, augments your streaming experience with a couple of nifty enhancements. While it keeps most of the design intact, the extension discards a few of its annoyances. That means putting an end to auto-playing previews on the home page, blurring out descriptions to avoid potential spoilers, and automatically skipping intros.

Plus, Super Netflix adds a handful of supplementary, little tools such as the ability to change the playback pace, and upload your own subtitles. It also brings several modes to alter the video’s several qualities like brightness, contrast, and color.

Super Netflix is just one of the tools you can download for supercharging your Netflix watching experience. There are a ton of other ways for getting the most out of Netflix 6 Key Tools to Get the Most Out of Netflix Browsing Netflix for the best movies to watch is like a treasure hunt. When finding the perfect streaming title is difficult, use these 6+ tools to make Netflix easier to use. Read More .

Download: Super Netflix (Free)

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