How to Fix Spotify Storage Errors on Android
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Spotify is one of the best ways to stream music on Android, as it rocks an awesome free plan and an even more powerful one for just $10 per month. If you’ve taken the plunge on the Premium plan, you know that you can store your music offline, saving data and battery in the process.

Sometimes, however, Spotify might have some issues when using an SD card as extra storage. It may or may not throw an error related to “no storage area found.” When this happens, here are the steps you should take so you can get back to groovin’.

  • Clear Spotify’s cache by going to Settings > Apps, finding Spotify, and choosing Clear Cache.
  • Uninstall Spotify by following the same steps, except choose Uninstall at the app’s info screen.
  • Unmount the SD card by going to Settings > Storage and choosing Unmount SD card. Then, re-mount it by either repeating the processing but choosing Mount SD card, or physically remove and re-insert the card.
  • Finally, re-install Spotify and let the good times roll.

Hopefully, this fixes your problem if you run into one. Fewer devices are shipping with microSD card slots these days, which is a shame, but it also prevents errors like these.

Don’t let your troubleshooting end here! Let us help you fix the most common Android issues so you can get back to enjoying your device.

Have you ever had issues with Spotify reading your storage? Let us know how much offline Spotify music you’re carrying down in the comments!

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