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How to Fix the “SIM Not Provisioned MM 2” Error

Christian Cawley Updated 20-02-2020

Swapping SIM cards and getting an error message on your phone? The “SIM not provisioned MM2” error is easy enough to fix, but what does it mean?


In this article, we explain how to fix this SIM card error and ensure you can avoid it happening again in future.

What Does “SIM Not Provisioned” Mean?

SIM cards contain certain information that help with the identification of your cell phone account.

The SIM enables the phone to be identified as yours on the mobile network (thanks to the IMEI number What Is My Phone's IMEI? Here's What You Need to Know You might have heard the acronym “IMEI” and know it relates to the identity of your phone, but what exactly is it for? Read More ). This enables you to make calls and connect to the mobile internet.

The “SIM not provisioned” error should only affect users who need to register a new SIM card. If it occurs at any other time, it can signify a problem with the SIM card, which will need replacing.

When the “SIM not provisioned MM2” error appears, you can trace it back to one of the following:

  • You bought a new phone with a new SIM card.
  • You’re transferring contacts to a new SIM card.
  • Your mobile network provider’s server is unavailable (if you’re using an iPhone, the Apple server also needs to be online).
  • There’s a problem with the placement of the SIM card.

Other SIM error messages might occur, depending on your situation. For instance, if the SIM card is locked to a particular phone, when you insert it in a new device you may see the “SIM not valid” message. Unlocking the SIM How to SIM Unlock Your Android Smartphone or Tablet If you're switching carriers or going abroad, you'll need to SIM unlock your device. Here's how. Read More will let you use it in any compatible phone.

What Is the “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” Error?

An error that is growing in frequency is “SIM not provisioned for voice.” It commonly occurs on devices connected to the Google Fi network (a combination of mobile and Wi-Fi networks).

In most cases this error means that you cannot make voice calls. The steps below should help to resolve this.

What Does “SIM 2 Not Provisioned” Error Mean?

If the “SIM not provisioned” error specifies a number, then it is almost certainly because you’re using a dual-SIM phone What Are Dual SIM Phones? Do You Really Need One? Dual SIM phones have become increasingly popular, but do you really need one? Do you even need two SIM cards? Read More . Each slot is numbered, so you might see “SIM 1 not provisioned” and “SIM 2 not provisioned” errors.


This isn’t too much to worry about. It simply means that when you follow step two below, you carry out the process twice, for each SIM card.

5 Ways to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned” Errors

1. Restart Your Phone

It may seem unlikely, but simply turning off your phone can overcome the SIM not provisioned fault.

Take the usual steps to restart the phone and wait. A few moments later you’ll see that the error message no longer appears, and your SIM card is activated.

2. Correctly Insert the SIM Card

Reseat your SIM card if your see the "not provisioned" error


If the issue isn’t with the SIM card’s activation or the network, then it might simply be an ill-fitting SIM. This might be due to problems with the shape of the SIM itself or a badly designed SIM card slot (or caddy).

To check if the SIM is correctly seated, switch off your phone, then find the SIM card:

  • If you have an older, or cheaper phone, find the SIM card by opening the back panel. You may need to remove the battery to access the SIM card slot.
  • With flagship phones, or those without removable batteries, the SIM card slot is usually at the side of the handset. This is typically a caddy upon which the SIM card sits—you’ll need a small SIM eject tool open it. Look for a small hole along the side of your phone and push the tool in to eject the SIM.

Note: Be sure to remove the SIM card and not the microSD storage card.

Removing the SIM card can be tricky. You may need to use tweezers, or jimmy it out from underneath if a removable battery is involved. With the SIM card removed, give it a blow, and perhaps a quick dust with a lint free cloth.


Replace the cleaned SIM card, taking care to position it as instructed. There is usually a sticker next to the SIM card slot, or an engraving illustrating the SIM’s correct orientation.

Replace the SIM card in your phone, and power up again. The “SIM not provisioned” error should no longer appear. If it does, try the SIM in another phone.

3. Activate Your SIM Card

In most cases, a SIM card will be activated automatically within 24 hours of being inserted in a new phone. If this doesn’t happen, three options are usually available to enable activation:

  1. Call an automated number
  2. Send an SMS
  3. Log onto the activation page on the carrier’s website

All these options are quick and straightforward but depend on whether the carrier supports them. In most cases, your SIM should be activated, and the “SIM not provisioned” error solved.

4. Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider

If the SIM won’t activate, it’s time to make a call (from another device!) to your carrier or network. Explain to them the error message and the steps you’ve taken so far.

As noted above, there may be an issue with the activation server, which would prevent your SIM card activating. This would cause the “SIM Not Provisioned” error message.

Your carrier will typically keep you on the line while they investigate the issue. If it is a problem with the activation server, there may be some delay in getting the SIM activated. On the plus side, you’ll have a reason for the error and a possible date for resolution.

5. Get a New SIM Card

Fixing the SIM card not provisioned error

Still no joy? It’s time to request a new SIM card, maybe even an eSIM What Is an eSIM and How Is It Better Than a Standard SIM Card? Buying a new phone? Your SIM card will need upgrading to the smaller eSIM card. What is an eSIM and why is it being introduced? Read More , if your phone supports it.

You could call your network for this, but you’ll probably find it’s quicker to head to a local phone shop. Even better, a branch of your network or a franchise outlet.

They’ll be able to run diagnostics on the SIM card and hopefully resolve the “SIM not provisioned MM2” error. Don’t worry if they repeat some of the steps you’ve already attempted, as this is part of the diagnostic process.

If it means you need a new SIM card, this shouldn’t be a problem. The store will have the tools in place to manage the swap and associate the new SIM with your account.

The “SIM Not Provisioned MM 2” Error, Fixed!

Note that this error will only affect mobile devices that use SIM cards. As long as the SIM is compatible, and fits into the slot, these fixes will work.

By this point you should understand why your phone is displaying the “SIM not provisioned MM2” error message. Remember, you have five options to fix this error:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Check the SIM is correctly seated
  3. Correctly activate your SIM
  4. Contact your carrier for help
  5. Get a new SIM card

If none of these things work, then you’ll need to contact your carrier/network provider to ask for a replacement card.

Once you’ve got everything sorted, your SIM card should work without a problem. Want to know more about SIM cards? See our guide to why phones need a SIM card What Is a SIM Card and What Does It Do? What is a SIM card and why is it so important? It connects you to your carrier network, stores contact information, and more. Read More .

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