How to Fix “Managed By Your Organization” Messages in Windows 10

Ben Stegner 06-10-2016

It’s no secret that Windows 10’s reputation has been marred by privacy issues Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10's Privacy Issues While Windows 10 has some issues that users need to be aware of, many claims have been blown out of proportion. Here's our guide to everything you need to know about Windows 10's privacy issues. Read More . From features you can’t turn off to telemetry seemingly tracking your every move, many people have chosen to steer clear of Microsoft’s latest offering.


However, some of those who have jumped on the Windows 10 train have taken matters into their own hands. After reading about the facts of Windows 10’s spying Windows 10 Is Watching: Should You Be Worried? Since its release, Windows 10 has been dogged by rumors concerning user privacy. Some of these are accurate, whereas others are myths. But where does Windows 10 stand on privacy, really? Read More , you might have chosen to use privacy-focused apps. These include ShutUp10 and Windows 10 Privacy Fixer.

These apps allow you to turn off a lot of Windows 10’s less desirable features in one place, but also can come with some annoying side effects. If you’ve ever seen messages that read “Some settings are managed by your organization” in the Settings when your computer isn’t part of a business, then you’re affected by these.

Privacy apps do expedite the tedious process of having to hunt down and disable tracking across various parts of Windows. However, they can also be overzealous and start messing with other components 5 Ways Overzealous Cleaning Can Break Windows It's easy to go overboard with cleaning your PC. When you're cleaning your PC, be sure you know what you're getting into -- it's easy to break something. Read More . This is why those messages come up in your settings. These apps can change values in Windows that make the system think that an administrator has disabled certain features.

In extreme cases, these apps can even disable Windows Update and other critical system components. Thus, you should avoid using them if you can, and stick to disabling settings as you see fit using the built-in options in Windows. We’ve linked to several of these places in the articles above if you need some help.


So if you’re seeing the “organization” message, download the app that you originally used to disable Windows 10 spying and reset everything. That should fix the problem and restore functionality to your system.

Have you been puzzled by this message? Let us know if this helped you below!

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  1. Justin
    October 21, 2016 at 2:48 am

    Good information my friend but not exactly what I need at the moment.
    I need help with Internet Options !
    I use Evernote and after every Windows update (Win10) when I save a note to Evernote the note saves right but images aren't. Nothing but placeholders?
    I go back into options and enable everything to get the images to save. Now I am running with a note posted at the bottom of the screen.........
    "Your current security setting put your computer at risk"
    Is there a solution for this problem ? Has anyone ever posted a list of what should be selected for each option ?
    I would like to run a secure machine but I would also like to save a file and have it all there when I go to reference it !!!
    Any ideas ?