Fix Frame Rate Issues on Nintendo Switch With a Quick Tweak

The Nintendo Switch is an exciting new console, but it’s not without faults. From the underwhelming system software to the supposed screen scratching, Switch owners have a few quirks to deal with while the system is new.

One of the most annoying Switch problems is the random frame rate drops. In certain games, users have experienced the frame rate dropping to a crawl and even random screen freezes. These are different from the minor slowdowns that come when you’re exploring heavily-forested areas in Zelda. While these don’t ruin your games, choppiness is a big pain.

While it might seem counter-intuitive, one third-party developer has found that one of the Switch’s wireless settings takes the blame for this problem. The Auto Connect option occasionally checks for Wi-Fi networks to join, which apparently affects gameplay when it happens.

To disable it, head to the Settings menu of your Switch and Internet > Internet Settings. Click the name of your network and hit Change Settings. Then at the bottom, disable Auto Connect so the system doesn’t try to connect on its own.

Other users have reported that completely disabling Wi-Fi helps the problem further. Since you don’t need online capability to play Zelda, give that a try if you still have problems. You can also use the system’s Airplane Mode to stop all wireless communication, but that doesn’t work when the system is docked.

If you can run an Ethernet cable to your system, try a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. This will bypass Wi-Fi entirely, thus fixing this problem and providing a better connection to your Switch to boot. (You also have a few ways to fix low frame rate on Windows.)

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