How to Fix a Double-Clicking Mouse in Windows
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Having your mouse double-click when you don’t want it to is frustrating. It can lead to a whole host of mouse problems 7 Disastrous Mouse Click Mistakes You Don't Want to Make 7 Disastrous Mouse Click Mistakes You Don't Want to Make Put into the wrong hands, the mouse could turn into a destructive tool. We show you which mouse routines you might take for granted and how they throw off less experienced users. Read More when simple actions like clicking to select, dragging files, and more don’t behave like you expect them to. If you’re having this issue, you can run through some quick troubleshooting to see where the problem lies.

1. Check If Single-Clicking Is Enabled

Your issue might be a simple option in Windows that you enabled by mistake. Open a File Explorer window, and on the View tab, click Options. On the General tab, you’ll see a Click items as follows header.

How to Fix a Double-Clicking Mouse in Windows Windows Single Click Option

The default behavior is Double-click to open an item (single-click to select). If you have Single-click to open an item selected, you only need to click a folder once to open it.

With this option flipped, you might think your mouse is physically double-clicking when it’s really a software option.

2. Try Another Mouse

If your issue wasn’t the simple fix above, you should see if your mouse itself is faulty. To test this, you can either plug your current mouse into another computer, or plug a different mouse into your current computer.

Should your mouse continue to misbehave on a different computer, that’s a good sign that it’s defective. If you try another mouse on the same computer and it doesn’t have any issues, this is another sign your original mouse is defective.

3. Reinstall Mouse Drivers

It’s worth a try to remove your current mouse driver and let Windows reinstall it. To do this, right-click the Start Button and choose Device Manager. Expand the Mice and other pointing devices category and right-click your mouse. Choose Uninstall device, then restart your PC.

How to Fix a Double-Clicking Mouse in Windows Windows Uninstall Mouse Driver

Note that you’ll have to navigate to the restart command without using your mouse after you do this. Tap the Windows Key, then press Tab until it focuses on the left group of icons. Use your arrow keys and Enter to select the power button, then Restart.

When your computer reboots, Windows will automatically reinstall the driver. This is fine for basic mice, but you’ll likely need to manually install the proper driver if you have a high-tech gaming mouse. For more tips, check out how to fix Windows 10 mouse issues How to Fix All Your Windows 10 Mouse Issues How to Fix All Your Windows 10 Mouse Issues Use our troubleshooting tips and fixes to solve 5 common mouse issues in Windows 10. Read More .

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