Get More Out of Your Fitbit: 10 Android Apps You Should Be Using

Andy Betts 30-05-2017

The simplicity of a Fitbit is one of its biggest selling points. Put it on your wrist, load up the app, and you’re good to go. But there’s a lot more you can do with a Fitbit 13 Fitbit Fitness Tracking Tips You May Not Be Using Yet Your Fitbit is there to help you achieve your fitness goals. There are a few more things you can get out of your favorite fitness tracker. Try these Fitbit tips today. Read More than you might have realized.


You aren’t restricted to using just the official app either. The Google Play Store is full of Android apps that will work with your fitness tracker. From gaming to Weight Watchers, there are some great options to choose from. And they’ll all help you be more active.

1. Wokamon – Monster Walk Quest

Any task that requires motivation can be made a lot easier by gamifying it 3 Unusual Ways Gamification Is Changing Your Life Today Gamification is about motivation, participation, and loyalty. It is a popular trend and a powerful business strategy. But have you noticed its subtle impact on your daily life? Read More . Breaking something down into easily reachable achievements, and letting you level-up to receive rewards is a proven technique for helping you stick to a task.

Wokamon is the gamification of Fitbit. If you’re struggling to keep up your step count, give it a try.

android fitbit wokamon

Taking inspiration from a more famous game with a similar-sounding name, the aim of Wokamon is to collect, feed, and grow your own set of cute cartoon monsters. To do this you need to earn points, and to earn points you need to walk.


DownloadWokamon – Monster Walk Quest (Free)

2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the most comprehensive health and fitness app for Android. It encourages you to track everything you eat and offers advice on how you can improve your diet.

android fitbit myfitnesspal calorie counter

The app imports your steps and sleep data from your Fitbit account to give you a thorough and highly detailed picture of your lifestyle. You can also add friends to give you some moral support as you work on your new fitness regimes together.


myfitnesspal notification

You need to commit to using it, though. Notifications appear regularly How to Disable Notifications From Any App in Android Here's how to turn off notifications in Android, plus how to fine-tune the notifications you do want. Read More should you ever forget to log a meal.

DownloadCalorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Free)

3. Under Armour Record

If the official Fitbit app is too basic for your needs, you can check out Under Armour as an alternative. Although designed primarily for the UA range of fitness trackers The 7 Best Fitness Trackers If you’re an active person, activity trackers provide incredibly valuable data for logging, improving, and understanding your fitness. But among the devices out there, finding the right activity tracker can be difficult. Read More , it’ll also work with your Fitbit data to give you more detailed reporting, and better support for workouts.


under armour

Challenges, either solo or with friends, can be created easily, and you can add ratings and notes describing how you feel. Over time, you might be able to spot patterns relating to how well you sleep, or how much activity you do.

Under Armour also owns MyFitnessPal, and the two apps integrate perfectly with one another.

Download — Under Armour Record (Free)



IFTTT is the go-to tool for making all your apps, devices, and services work together. It has a lot to offer the Fitbit user Take Your Exercise Routine to the Next Level With Fitbit and IFTTT Here, we'll dig deeper into the many ways that Fitbit and IFTTT can work together to make your life better. Read More .

With IFTTT recipes, you can receive a reminder notification if you haven’t walked far enough by a certain time in the day. You can have your Philips Hue lights 6 Ways to Make Philips Hue Lights More Useful Read More or coffee machine turn on when Fitbit identifies that you’ve woken up. Or you can combine your data with other fitness devices including those from Jawbone or Misfit.

ifttt android fitbit

You can make your own too. If there’s some way you wished you could use your Fitbit data, there’s a good chance IFTTT has the answer.

DownloadIFTTT (Free)

5. Fitstar Personal Trainer

Fitstar is an official Fitbit app for anyone who wants custom workouts that can be done anywhere or anytime.

fitstar android fitbit

On offer are full programs with a personal trainer of your choice, motivational audio tracks to keep you going on the treadmill Diet vs. Exercise: What's Better for Quick Weight Loss? When you want to lose weight, there are two options Either you can start dieting or start exercising. Ideally, you should do both. But which of the two helps you lose weight faster? Read More , or freestyle sessions where you can choose the kind of workout you want. A lot of the content is free, and you can access more detailed premium content for a monthly or yearly fee.

And everything you do syncs with your Fitbit, so there’s no need to log your sessions afterwards.

DownloadFitstar Personal Trainer (Free)

6. Finder for Fitbit

The rubbery straps on some Fitbit models can be prone to cracking and breaking over time, making the trackers easy to lose.

android fitbit finder

Finder for Fitbit helps you locate a lost device. It works over Bluetooth, so it has limited range. It won’t help you find something you lost in the street three hours ago, but if it fell off at home or in the gym, you should be able to recover it.

Once the app locks on to the Fitbit, it tells you when you’re getting nearer or further away, eventually leading you right to it.

DownloadFinder for Fitbit (Free)

7. Leaderboard for Fitbit

Fitbit encourages you to add your friends to the service, saying that it’ll make you 27 percent more active than if you go it alone. But what if you don’t have any Fitbit-owning friends? Enter Leaderboard.

android fitbit leaderboard

Leaderboard lets you compete against people you know, as well as anyone else in your local area, and everyone globally. It doesn’t have a huge number of users at the moment, but it still serves its purpose. Seeing how you match up against others really spurs you on to do that little bit more and chase down new targets.

DownloadLeaderboard for FitBit (Free)

8. DriveBit

A Fitbit can sometimes mistakenly identify certain types of motion as walking even when they aren’t. Driving is a common example: sometimes the bumps and vibrations on your journey can cause you to rack up hundreds of steps while you’ve just been sitting.

android fitbit drivebit

You can’t remove these from from Fitbit, but you can adjust for them. That’s what DriveBit does. Hit the Start button when you begin your trip, and Stop when you end. Any steps accrued during that period are labelled as a Driving activity and no longer count towards your step totals.

Download — DriveBit (Free) [No Longer Available]

9. Walkadoo: Daily Walking Goals

If you’re serious about increasing your activity levels, then setting yourself daily goals is a great way to go about it.

android fitbit walkadoo

With Walkadoo, you get personalized daily targets based on your current activity levels. That means they’re always achievable, and you don’t get the discouragement that comes from an unrealistic goal.

Download — Walkadoo: Daily Walking Goals (Free)

10. Weight Watchers Mobile

Your Fitbit fitness tracker integrates with the Weight Watchers service. Sync your data through the mobile app, and your activity levels with be counted towards your daily goals. Steps are converted to the service’s main currency, FitPoints.

To set it up, you need to login to your Weight Watchers account either in the app or on the desktop before connecting to your device and entering your Fitbit login credentials.

DownloadWeight Watchers Mobile (Free)

Do More With Fitbit

All of these apps help to make your Fitbit more fun and more functional. That, in turn, will ensure you keep on using it and continue pushing your goals even higher.

Do you have a favorite app you use with your Fitbit? Have you made any great IFTTT recipes for it? Tell us all about them in the comments below.

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