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Firefox Monitor Checks for Stolen Passwords

Dave Parrack 25-09-2018

Mozilla has launched a new security tool called Firefox Monitor. In a nutshell this helps you discover when one of your passwords have been involved in a data breach How to Check If Your Online Accounts Have Been Hacked Most data leaks are due to account breaches and hacks. Here's how to check whether your online accounts have been hacked or compromised. Read More . And yes, you’re right in thinking that this is just Have I Been Pwned by another name.


Firefox Monitor Checks Whether You’ve Been Pwned

Mozilla has been testing the for several months, and after garnering positive results, the company has officially launched Firefox Monitor. And you don’t even have to be using the Firefox web browser to make use of Firefox Monitor.

Using Firefox Monitor is a two-part process. The first checks whether your email address has been involved in a previous data breach, and the second means Mozilla will let you know if and when your email address is involved in any future data breaches.

Step 1 involves nothing more than entering your email address into the box provided at Mozilla will check your email address against Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned database and let you know it it has been compromised.

Step 2 also involves entering your email address, but this time you’re signing up to be notified if it crops up in future data breaches. If it does, Mozilla will send you an email informing you, giving you a heads-up to change your password ASAP.

Bringing Data Breaches to a Broader Audience

Data breaches are an increasingly common problem, so it pays to regularly check if your passwords have been compromised. OK, so Firefox Monitor doesn’t offer anything over Have I Been Pwned, but it could at least bring it to a bigger and broader audience.


While data breaches can happen to anyone, you can combat the risk of calamitous complications in the aftermath by following good password practices. Because unfortunately, even password managers aren’t enough to keep your passwords safe 4 Reasons Password Managers Aren’t Enough to Keep Your Passwords Safe Password managers are valuable in the ongoing battle against hackers, but they don't offer sufficient protection on their own. These four reasons show why password managers aren't enough to keep your passwords safe. Read More .

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    Would Firefox Monitor or Have I Been Pwned helped in the Equifax or Target or hundreds of other large corporation database breaches?