Firefox For Windows 8 Touch Beta Ready For Testing

Mark O'Neill 12-02-2014

Mozilla has released a Firefox browser for Windows 8 touch tablets, so if you own such a tablet, you can now download the beta, Aurora or Nightly version, test it out for bugs and send feedback back to Mozilla.


Being designed for touch tablets, this version of Firefox is specifically optimised as a tile-based browser. So it’s a lot different from what you may be used to. However, it has access to some familiar Firefox features such as Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History, and all you need to do is tap once on the screen to get there. The Awesome Bar is also there to give you some feeling of familiarity as you browse.

Firefox For Windows 8 Touch Beta Ready For Testing firefoxbrowsertouch

The beta browser also supports Touch and Swipe gestures including ‘pinch to zoom’, whether to make an app full-screen or “snapped” to one side of the screen, and easy website sharing to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and so on).

But what really makes this browser stand out are those tiles. Now you can rely on those big beautiful clear images to guide you on your web surfing. From now on, browsing will be image-based, rather than text-based.

If you’re interested in being a beta tester, it’s easy to get a hold of the browser. If you’re on Windows 8, visit the Windows Start screen to locate the Firefox tile. On Windows 8.1, visit the All Apps Screen, locate the tile there and pin it to your start screen.


Source: Mozilla | Image Credit: Pete via Flickr

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  1. Don Bennafield
    March 7, 2014 at 4:34 am

    The new firefox will not come up with firefox but some stupid program. I have worked with computers at IBM when they first came out. My firefox was working good but some stuff crashed it, and now downloading firefox again shows a huge difference, you can no longer use it with that weird stuff. I am now 83 yrs of age and seeing how firefox has been destroyed from the original makes me want to cry. PS/ I have been using firefox for over 10 yrs now. What a waste for nothing but junk now.

  2. Matthew H
    February 12, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    Interesting. One of the biggest reasons Chrome and Firefox aren't on Windows RT tablets is because Microsoft crippled its APIs to prevent applications running JIT compilers. This would make running of Javascript *ridiculously* slow. Any idea how Firefox got around that, or is this exclusively for non-RT tablets?

    Or, is it just ridiculously slow at interpreting Javascript?

  3. WP8tablet
    February 12, 2014 at 12:58 am

    Its alright but missing many features. I am already spoiled with metro Internet Explorer on my tablet. I love the swipe back and forward feature.