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This Firefox Extension Stops Facebook Tracking You

Dave Parrack 27-03-2018

As you surely must be aware by now, Facebook has been in trouble lately over what’s come to be known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook Addresses the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Facebook has been embroiled in what has come to be known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. After staying silent for a few days, Mark Zuckerberg has now addressed the issues raised. Read More . In a nutshell, it meant millions of people had their data sold to a third party and used against them.


In light of these revelations, there have been calls for everyone to delete Facebook. However, Mozilla, the company which makes Firefox, has developed an alternative called the Facebook Container extension. Which should stop Facebook tracking you.

Isolating Facebook From Everything Else

As egregious as it was to learn that the data Facebook collects can end up being used to win elections, it’s the fact that this data was collected in the first place that should worry us all. Especially as most of us consent to Facebook collecting this data.

As explained in a post on the Mozilla Blog, Mozilla hopes to limit the amount of data we’re voluntarily sharing with Facebook. It can do this by isolating your use of Facebook to a separate container, preventing Facebook from tracking you across the rest of the web.

All you need to do is install the Facebook Container extension. When you do so you’ll be logged out of Facebook, and your cookies will be deleted. From then on, every time you visit Facebook it will open in a container tab isolated from your other tabs.


While this can’t stop Facebook from knowing everything, it will stop the social network tracking you via third-party cookies. Mozilla itself doesn’t collect data from the Facebook Container extension; just how many times it has been installed and uninstalled.

A Viable Alternative to Deleting Facebook

I think we can all understand people’s desire to delete Facebook at this juncture. It’s what Zuckerberg and co. deserve. However, there are plenty of reasons not to delete Facebook 7 Reasons Not to Delete Facebook #DeleteFacebook A growing number of people are calling on us all to #DeleteFacebook. However, while it's not perfect, we believe there are multiple reasons not to delete Facebook. Read More , and with the Facebook Container extension, Mozilla has given Firefox users an alternative.

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  1. GregF
    April 4, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    What I don't understand is why was any website allowed to see any other cookie?

    Same thing with malware hidden in pictures or videos--why does the browser/OS/pic viewer/video player allow the malware to run (it obviously is a script/program and not a picture or video so why is it "allowed" to run instead of just being ignored? Say a jug of OJ had a bottle of poison floating in it, you would be pouring the OJ for breakfast and ignoring the little bottle of poison and you certainly wouldn't fish it out on purpose, open it and drink it!)

  2. Mr Pheer
    March 28, 2018 at 5:18 am

    Can they make one where Google stops tracking us? They are a way bigger threat to privacy than Facebook is.