FindBigMail: Finds Big Emails In Your Gmail Account

Umar 17-10-2010

Is your Gmail inbox reaching its limit? Do you need to get rid of the unnecessary large emails occupying your Gmail inbox? If yes, then looking for these emails can be a little difficult. “Find Big Mail” helps simplify the process.


how to find big emails in gmail

Find Big Mail is a free to use web service that helps Gmail users find emails via their size. After you connect your Gmail to Find Big Mail via Google’s OAuth, the service scans your message’s sizes – only the sizes are scanned and not the content within them. With the scan complete you can use the newly displayed labels to check out your emails size-wise. The labels also make it possible to use the regular search filters to reach your desired email message. With its simple labeling procedure, Find Big Mail will help many free up their Gmail folders.

Key Features:

  • A user friendly web service
  • Can be used by Gmail users
  • Labels your Gmail messages according to their sizes
  • Helps you free up your Gmail folders
  • Scans only the sizes of emails and not their content

Check out “Find Big Mail” @  Labnol (By Umar from TechCityInc)

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