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Find What to Watch Next Online With These 5 Sites

Mihir Patkar 05-09-2017

Online video currently accounts for over 60 percent of all traffic on the internet. Yet it’s a struggle to find something good to watch, isn’t it? Well, some websites make that easier by telling you exactly what to watch next online.

These sites aren’t just about finding the top trending videos on YouTube The Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2016 May Surprise You YouTube has revealed the most popular videos to be published on its platform in 2016. There are celebrities galore, zombies, Donald Trump, and that dumb "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" thing. Read More . Here you will likely come across well-made videos that don’t get the love they should. And what’s better than being the one to share undiscovered gems on your social networks?

1. Unplug The TV [No Longer Available] (Web): “Edutainment” to Expand Your Mind

Far too much of the content on TV today is mind-numbing rather than mind-expanding. I guess there’s a reason it’s called the idiot box. Unplug The TV wants you to forget about your TV and instead watch something educational and entertaining.

what to watch next unplug the tv

Go the site and you’ll see only one video, ready to play. The video’s title usually describes it well enough to not need a description. Don’t want to watch this? Click “I want to watch something else” to find the next video.

The best part is the lack of decision. You don’t need to pick anything to watch, it’s handpicked and delivered to you. Your only decision is yes or no, so go watch the hundreds of videos selected from places like TED, Khan Academy, and YouTube stars like ASAP Science and Minute Physics 10 Science YouTube Channels You Can't Miss The word science essentially means knowledge, and it is this quest for learning and understanding that has driven mankind to the height of its power. The Web offers ample opportunity to disperse that knowledge to... Read More .

2. /r/MealTimeVideos (Web): Watch as Long as You Eat

Do you like to watch something while you’re having a meal? MealTimeVideos is a Reddit community of like-minded individuals. The only purpose is to find new videos to watch which are long enough for a meal, and engrossing enough too.

what to watch next reddit mealtimevideos

Each video has a full description in the post’s title, along with the runtime length. These are mostly YouTube videos, but sometimes there are other platforms too. You can filter the list by timestamp too, choosing 5-7 minutes, 7-10 minutes, 10-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, and 30+ minutes.

When you’re relying on videos curated by real people A Human Touch: 5 Quality Video Websites Curated By Real People YouTube is awash with videos. How do you weed out the junk from the quality content? The best bet is a recommendation by another human who has seen a video and liked it. Read More , there’s bound to be some hits and misses. I’d suggest filtering it by the top posts for the month, year, or all-time.

3. HypeSCREEN [No Longer Available] (Web): The Best of What the Web Produces

It’s time to look beyond YouTube to other video sites 10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube Here are some great alternative video sites to YouTube, although the "better than" is obviously open to debate. Read More . Yes, YouTube is the biggest player, but platforms like Vice and Crackle develop excellent programs made for the internet. hypeSCREEN is where you can find them easily.

The site curates videos from a variety of online video-makers to put together a comprehensive database of what you should be watching. Filter by categories like scripted series, nerd culture, funny, and so on, and check the top shows in them.

what to watch next hypescreen

A hypeSCREEN account will let you add shows to your favorites or watchlist, which is a good idea considering the myriad choices. It’s also a good idea to read the blog, The hypesSCREEN Report, for insights and recommendations.

4. Findie (Web): Videos by Mood

Genres don’t always reflect what a video or movie is about. For example, a film like Shaun Of The Dead would be classified under both horror and comedy. Instead, Findie lets you find videos by how you want to feel at the end of it.

what to watch next findie

Pick from the 15 types of moods and Findie will deliver videos that make you feel that way. For example, if you’re struggling through a bad day at work, “Uplifted” might give you some motivational videos to get through the day 10 Motivational TED Talks To Help You Chip Away At Your Mental Blocks The valuable lesson from the lives of achievers is that they chip away at their mental blocks more consistently than others. Ten TED Talks underscore one simple thing – it’s all in the mind. Read More . There are other filters to sort the list by the length of the video, as well as genres.

Findie’s editors add a one-line description to each video, so you know what you’re getting into before you click. But I’d recommend switching off “Autoplay” in the top-right corner because it slows down the site.

5. GoPro Heroes (Web): The Best First-Person Action Videos

You must have seen some of these first-person action videos already. With a rugged action camera like the GoPro What's the Best Action Camera or GoPro? Ever since GoPro launched, the action camera market has heated up. GoPro still rules, but Sony, Polaroid, JVC, Xiaomi, and many others have their own models now. So, what's the best action cam around? Read More strapped to their helmet or person, people record incredible footage of their adventures. Now you can see the best of these videos in one place.

GoPro Heroes has four basic categories depending on where it was shot: snow, land, air, and water. You can also watch some mixed videos or all the hand-picked clips. The site autoplays the next video when the current one finishes. And that scrollbar of videos on the right seems to go on forever, so you have plenty of viewing material here.

what to watch next gopro heroes

In some browsers, the site cuts the YouTube menu bar at the bottom, so use some YouTube keyboard shortcuts The Comprehensive Guide to YouTube Player Keyboard Shortcuts Read More to control playback.

Are You Still All About YouTube?

Even if you don’t want to subscribe to other platforms, there are new ways to discover and watch videos on YouTube 5 New Ways to Watch YouTube and Find Videos Sometimes you need a completely new way to browse YouTube or watch the videos on it. Here are five new ways to discover new YouTube videos and watch them too. Read More . But are you still solely reliant on YouTube for online videos?

Forget about Netflix, Hulu, and other such streaming services. Which non-YouTube sites do you watch videos on?

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