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Find Out If You Are Ugly With These 2 iPhone Applications

Dave LeClair 02-12-2011

how to find out if you are uglyHave you ever wondered if you are attractive? I’m sure you have. Even with the women banging down my door, I still wonder every now and then. Well in my case, the answer is yes, I am. Nevertheless, some of you might not be so sure, and that’s okay. Lacking confidence can be a serious problem. I knew there must be some way I could help our readers find out whether they are ugly or not, and that is when I stumbled upon these two iPhone apps.


With the power of these two iPhone apps, we can all find out if we truly are ugly. Keep in mind; these applications are powerful. The information contained within could change your life forever. You may think you are a super hot person, and find out that you are, in fact, the ugly duckling. Just make sure your emotional state is strong enough to handle such intense, life changing information.

Now that I have given you all fair warning, let us look at a couple of iPhone apps that will change your life forever.

Ugly Meter [No Longer Available]

The Ugly Meter is a complex application. As you use it, you will be able to feel the power it has coursing through your iPhone (although it could just be my battery draining, I’m not sure). Before you start checking if you are ugly, you need to log in with your email address. They haven’t emailed me any spam yet, so that’s a healthy sign.

how to find out if you are ugly

You will need to choose if you are a man or a woman before you take your picture. The application needs this information in order to run its complex facial analysis, algorithms and other critical technical terms. The screen will have a green face to show where you need to put your face in the shot. Once you have everything lined up, press the take picture button and wait for your result.


how to know you are ugly

After a few seconds, the application will give you a result, and if it deems you ugly, it will launch a charming little insult your way. It will also provide the option to share your ugliness on your other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Am I Ugly [No Longer Available]

This app is a little simpler than the Ugly Meter, but it still gets the job done. It scares me, because with the Ugly Meter, I can see the app working and tabulating my score, but with this one, I can’t. For all I know, a bunch of aliens could be sitting around analyzing my photo, and that’s a little disturbing.

how to know you are ugly


Sadly, the about section of the app claims that it does no facial recognition. It is strictly for entertainment, but I think that’s just a cover up for the aliens. Perhaps I’ve seen too many movies.

how to find out if you are ugly

To use this app, simply tap “Choose Image” if you already have the image you want to analyze on your phone, or click “Take Picture” to shoot a new one. The app will look over the image, send it to the aliens, and come back with a result. If it tells you that you are ugly, I am sorry, but at least you’re smart… right?


These apps harness some of the worlds greatest powers. With the power of these applications, you will know exactly where you stand. If you are hot, you can walk right up to women or men without any fear. If you aren’t, well then that stinks for you.


Are you hot or ugly? Let us know your results in the comments!

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