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Top Sites to Find Templates for Apple Pages and Numbers

Sandy Writtenhouse 27-01-2020

Using a template to create a document gives you a jumpstart. A template can include sections, formatting, images, and built-in calculations to simplify the work of creating your document.


For Apple products like Pages and Numbers, templates just aren’t as easy to find as they are for Microsoft products like Word and Excel. And what’s even harder is finding templates that are free or reasonably priced.

To help you with your search, here are five great websites that offer templates for Pages and Numbers; both free and paid.


TemplateNet Pages and Numbers Templates

A terrific template resource for many applications, including Pages and Numbers, is You can browse or search through thousands of free templates like certificates, cards, contracts, budgets, and inventory sheets.

Toward the top of the main screen, you’ll see a scrolling list of applications like Photoshop, Google Docs, Google Sheets, InDesign, and others. This makes it much easier to find templates designed for your application.


Select either Pages or Numbers and then browse through the screens of template options. You’ll notice that the free templates are clearly marked and the applications they’re available for are also displayed.

When you pick a template that interests you, you’ll see helpful details about what it includes such as the size, file format, and orientation. And at the bottom, you’ll see similar templates which is ideal for times when you need to create more than one document for your project.

If you find that you’ll be visiting the site for templates often, you can check out the pricing plans for a Pro Membership for unlimited use. is a solid choice for Pages and Numbers templates and certainly one to bookmark.



iWorkCommunity Pages and Numbers Templates

For some truly unique templates, take a look at What’s great about this site is that the templates are created by Apple software users just like you. In fact, you can submit your own templates to help others.

When you land on the main page, pick Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or Script from the top to browse by the application. You can then narrow down the options with tags on the left or the search box at the bottom. There are templates in a variety of categories like agendas, resumes, schedules, and more.

Select a template that you like and you’ll get all of the details including a brief description, file size, and the number of downloads from others. Click the name of the file next to Download and you’re on your way.


All templates on are currently available for free, which makes it definitely worth your time. And remember, if you create a template of your own for Pages How to Create Impressive Pages Documents and Templates on Mac The price isn’t the only reason to give Pages a spin — it's packed with ready-to-use templates that will make your work look fantastic. Read More or Numbers that you’d like to share, hit the Submit New Template button at the top and help out your fellow document creators!

3. StockLayouts

StockLayouts Pages and Numbers Templates

If you’re in the market for a graphics-based template, then StockLayouts is the site for you. It offers free templates for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote along with InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft products.

The main page has a section for Free Graphic Design Templates with paid templates below it if those interest you as well. Pick a template and see the details like page size, fold type, and compatibility. Choose your file format in the dropdown box and hit the Download Now button.


Below the template details, you’ll see other free templates and those you can purchase for the same type of document.

StockLayouts also offers different pricing structures if you’re interested in paid templates. You can buy a single template for a small fee or sign up for a subscription where you can get from ten to 50 templates per month.

For flyers, brochures, newsletters, menus, datasheets, and more, there’s a nice collection of graphic design templates on StockLayouts.

4. Klariti

Klariti Pages and Numbers Templates

Klariti is another website that provides templates for Apple along with Microsoft products. Although the templates on Klariti are not available for free, there are over 250 options for Pages and Numbers plus a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Just hit that Apple button on the top navigation, select either Pages or Numbers and then view the long list of templates. The list is neatly arranged so you can see the template name and a brief description easily.

Choose a template and you’ll see the entire template with every page, relevant sections, and some helpful FAQs at the bottom. If you’re ready to make a purchase, click the Buy Now button and follow the prompts. The site accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

You can find templates for Pages like plans and proposals and those for Numbers like requirements and guides. If you’re struggling to find the right template for you and don’t mind paying a few bucks, check out Klariti.

5. Vertext42

Vertex42 Numbers household templates

One site that’s known for its awesome Excel templates also offers Numbers templates; Vertex42. While there isn’t a ton of templates for Numbers, there are still many good options.

To navigate to the templates, go to the Browse Template Categories section on the right of the main page. At the very bottom, click Numbers Templates. When you land on that page, you can find templates in categories like home and family, personal finance, business finance, and office.

If you want to get a template, just click the Download button. Each file is formatted for Numbers. But if you’d like more details on the template or want it for Excel as well, click the link above the Download button labeled “[Template name] for Excel.”

The download page for the template will display the filename which should be in Numbers format. Click the Download button on that page to obtain the template.

The templates for Numbers on Vertext42 are currently available for free. And remember to visit the site for Excel or Word templates too!

Templates Ease the Burden of Document Creation

If you’re a Mac owner and use Pages and Numbers as your preferred applications for documents, then templates can help you concentrate on the content of those documents rather than the creation of them.

And for more help with these two apps on your Mac, check out these basics of iWork for features you may have missed or these advanced tips for Pages, Numbers, or Keynote 18 Advanced Tips for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Want to become more productive in the iWork suite? These advanced tips will help any Mac user create better documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Read More to learn something new.

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