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Joshua Lockhart 17-01-2012

unique clothingI’m definitely not a fashion guru Learn How to Dress Better with the Fashion You Love The Internet has resources for those of us who are fashion challenged. The best fashion technology tools are available to help us get out of the rut with our current closets. Let's try them. Read More , for my wardrobe typically consists of halfway-open plaid flannel shirts and a pair of old Chuck Taylors, and on a good day, I’ll actually wear pants. However, I recently discovered a site called Wanelo (pronounced “wah-nee-lo,” for want, need, and love) that brings together a ton of rare and unique clothing options The 5 Best Sites to Find Free Clothes Online Clothes can be expensive even with the rise of fast-fashion. Here are some of the best places to find free clothes online. Read More in one place. The catch is quite simply this – the clothing is primarily for women.


I took into consideration that quite a bit of the blouses, skirts, and shoes on this site look fairly similar to the stuff in my girlfriend’s closet 5 Style Websites to Buy Cheap Trendy Clothes Read More , so I figured that it has to be good. As far as I know, she has taste, so ladies, this post is for you.

Find Rare Items And Accessories

I’d liken this site to being a fashion aggregator, utilizing a social networking type of system to bring its users together so that they can share links of clothing and accessories 5 Cool Fashion Newsletters You Should Subscribe To If You're A Geek Read More  from all over the Internet. What I noticed was that quite a bit of the site includes either hand-made or not-very-well-known items (and yes, a great deal of mainstream products), so if you’re into appearing unique and different, then this site is for you. Granted, there isn’t only clothing on this site, but it’s safe to say that it’s the main selection.

unique clothing

What I did like about the site was the fact that it offered a system of collections in which users can find similar items. It was through the collections that I discovered that there were a few men’s items on the store as well as places to buy candy. In addition to this, there are collections of apartment furnishings, iPhone accessories Send Text Messages From Your iPhone/iTouch or Desktop With Textfree One of my biggest pet peeves is having to constantly check through text messages while I'm on my desktop or laptop at my desk. I've always thought it was be so much easier to have... Read More , and even bridal adornments. Honestly, I think it’s pretty cool that you can find all this stuff online.

unique clothing online



Build Up Your List Of Fav Selections

Since Wanelo is primarily user-generated Why Reddit Isn't As Bad As Some People Would Make You Believe [Opinion] In recent times, Reddit has been labeled as a kind of Internet cesspool – a place where only the most vile and disgusting individuals go. Granted, this may come from a general misunderstanding of how... Read More , you can trust that it’s not just one solitary person or company throwing what they think looks good at you. Chances are that there are a few individuals on Wanelo who think like you do (albeit this concept of appearing unique), and one of the features of the site gives you the option to follow them and stay updated on their top picks. Furthermore, if you fancy a certain merchant’s products just as much as your friends’ selections, you can follow the stores themselves on the site.

unique clothing online

One of the cool options that Wanelo has to offer is its toolbar button, and this is used in the same exact way that you would use StumbleUpon StumbleUpon Gets Visually Appealing Makeover [News] According to the online media research site, GigaOM, StumbleUpon has surpassed Facebook as "the biggest traffic driver among social media websites in the US". StumbleUpon has always been one of the go-to sites for discovering... Read More . If you find something, just click the toolbar button, and voilà – you have successfully contributed to the community clothing melting pot. Alternatively, you can just punch in the URL on Wanelo itself, but really, what fun is that?


unique clothing online

Share Your Finds

Based on what I found on the site, Wanelo is also used as a means to share your style with your friends. What does that mean? Well, as they say, this means no more ugly Christmas sweaters as gifts (bet you wish I had written this sooner). Furthermore, you can find out what your friends like, so when a proper time to give gifts comes around, you can get what they want with no awkward questions asked.

unique clothing


I’m not going to veer away from my standard flannel shirts, but chances are you might find something pretty nice on here (and yes, that goes for the men, too). However, all in all, this site is very well made, and it does exactly what it is designed to do. That’s the best thing that a site really can do – just keep it simple.


What kinds of things have you found using Wanelo? Do you know of any other sites like Wanelo?

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  2. kristina
    January 17, 2012 at 2:05 am

    Wow, this is an awesome post Josh, thanks! :) We're glad you like the site.

    - Kristina from Wanelo

  3. kristina
    January 17, 2012 at 2:05 am

    Wow, this is an awesome write up Josh, thanks! :) We're glad you like the site.

    Kristina from Wanelo

    • J. Lockhart
      January 17, 2012 at 3:14 am

      Glad that you've got the site available for folks! I've been trying to get my girlfriend to look at it, so maybe you can expect her as a user pretty soon. Thanks for reading the article!