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How to Find Popular and Interesting Content on Medium

Nancy Messieh 22-11-2016

There is a ton of great content on Medium. The simple and clean blogging platform removes all the distractions that might come with trying to set up a new blog or site, and just makes it easy to write — as long as you have a Twitter account.


There are a few ways to keep up with interesting reads on the blogging platform Medium, whether it’s using tools provided by Medium or relying on some third-party sites.

Medium Tools and Recommendations

You can go into your settings and sign up for reader and writer digests with posts written and recommended by people you follow on Medium, or for occasional emails with the top curated stories on Medium based on interests you follow. You can also follow Medium on Twitter


Medium also shares, on a monthly basis, a post of the best content published each month. The monthly In Case You Missed It roundups take a look at politics, business and tech, the media and more. Another roundup Medium puts out will appeal mainly to a U.S. policy wonk audience with its biweekly politics roundups, called It Happened on Medium.

Third-Party Medium Leaderboard

Another way to discover content on Medium is to follow the numbers. Between the two sites, the leaderboard for top authors and top publications on Medium, track over 300 authors and over 300 publications, and the authors and publications are ranked by number of followers.

Top authors on Medium include entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk with over 180,000 followers, Twitter co-founder Ev Williams with over 170,000 followers, and Hillary Clinton with over 170,000 followers.


The popular publications are very startup and tech-heavy, with the top five publications — Matter, The Startup, The Mission, Startup Grind, and Due — all falling into the tech or startup category. Matter, the number one publication eclipses all other publications with over 1 million followers, trailed by The Startup in the second position with over 170,000 followers.

Clicking on an author or publication link on the websites will take you directly to their Medium page.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to find the best content on Medium? Let us know in the comments. 

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