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Saikat Basu 22-11-2011

business appsYou are stuck. You need to find an online application or software to fill an immediate business need. Google has always been a good bet, but it does not play favorite’s sometimes as it spouts out so many results when you search for a business app. Then again, search engines and software download sites don’t really give you that ‘Yes, this really works!’ feeling to go along with what your business needs.


This is where a service like BestVendor [No Longer Available] trots in to offer personalized recommendations and helping you discover the best work apps and the right tech solutions for your business.

I could just tag BestVendor as a ‘discovery engine for business apps’ and leave it at that. But BestVendor goes beyond that and that’s what we will see here. The service is in beta, but it looks good from its landing page onwards.

Best Work Apps and More at BestVendor

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Like a lot of other recommendation sites, BestVendor too brings the wisdom of the crowds to help you narrow down the right web services, cloud apps, and software. BestVendor’s speciality is that it focuses on business needs. With the feedback from people who have actually used an app, you can go ahead and confidently make your decision to try out an app and decide if you want to purchase it or not.

BestVendor saves you a lot of time and also serves as a social networking tool through the apps you share or read being recommended by others.

The 3 Step Approach to Find the Best Business Solutions

The sign-up page itself asks you to hit the ground running by asking you to share 3 favorite web services, cloud apps, or software. You will notice the type of software keeps changing from invoicing to project management…and more. The field is like a search engine that suggests as you type apps to recommend.

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You can sign-in now into the beta with LinkedIn or an email ID. The LinkedIn ID helps to pull in your professional profile into BestVendor. This is the detailed profile screen you get to see within a second of the sign-in and you can see why mating your LinkedIn account helps to give you a bigger picture thanks to the business/work solutions your professional network could be using.

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You have to keep on building your profile to hit better accuracy with the software recommendations. That can wait as I start exploring what the stream and community is sharing. But if you are in a hurry, jump straight to where it displays job functions and says – Click on your job function to get app recommendations. Let’s say that I am looking for Design & Creative solutions.

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Whoa! That’s quite a list and well categorized at that. Now, one has to just burrow to the specific one. You can add your feedback and also build up your watch list with a click.

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Or you can go ahead and click on it to see what others are saying about the tool. This is where you can not only read what others are saying about the particular software or business solution but also put in a word of your own. Also notice where the community has placed the solution among others of its kind with a rank.

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The Value of Crowd Wisdom

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The comments and feedback are a rich source of information. It’s not only the opinion, but also the professional profile of the person giving it that matters here. If the feedback is detailed enough, you can see how the person uses the app and in what kind of environment. You can also browse the list of apps the person uses for more hints and recommendations.

Explore People and Companies

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This gives you a more accurate way to match your business to the community at BestVendor. You can drill down by Industry, Location, and Company Size. Again, the utility of connecting your LinkedIn account becomes apparent because you can click on the People like me checkbox and laser focus the recommendations.

Discovering the Right App Is Productivity Multiplied

A discovery and recommendation service specifically for apps is a needed resource. The sheer number of software, cloud services, and mobile apps, are making things easier…and more difficult for us at the same time. BestVendor tries to mow through the clutter and give us the app we (and our business) is looking for in double quick time. All with the help of people who are actually using it.

Can we find you on BestVendor? Tell us if BestVendor itself is an online solution worth knowing about.

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