Find The Perfect Outfit With Fitbay And Your Online Body Doubles

Angela Randall 12-06-2014

There’s a new site launching to help online shoppers find clothes that fit perfectly. Fitbay aims to use recommendations to match similarly-shaped people to clothes they will love.

Considering the difficulty many of us have in finding clothes that fit perfectly in real life, it’s a wonder anyone uses online shopping for clothes at all. With no chance to try it on, how do you know that your cheap trendy clothes 5 Style Websites to Buy Cheap Trendy Clothes Read More are going to fit just right? Well, Fitbay has found an answer for us… and it really works!

Join Fitbay

Fitbay is newly out of private beta, so it’s now available for anyone to join. You sign up, add details about your body shape, height and weight; then add a clothing item that really suits you into the system. Easy!

Know Your Body Shape

The more clothing items you add into the system, the better the match Fitbay will be able to make for you. The “Add” button lets you add items of clothing you own that fit you well by choosing from different brands and the size of each item. You also tell Fitbay whether this item fits you snugly or is more of a loose fit across various parts of your body.

The Personalize section is where you can add extra information and help Fitbay know more about your body shape. You’ll also see plenty of reminders to add more items as you browse the site.

Handy hint: I just went to ASOS and trawled my purchase history. ASOS had records of the sizes I bought and a link to the exact items, so that made it easy to add to Fitbay.


You can also go into the Profile section at any time and adjust the basics, add a profile picture and decide if you want to go public with your profile. There’s a lot of fun in having a public Fitbay profile, but it’s private by default. You can actually choose which parts of your profile to go public with too — like height, weight, or body shape.

Discovering Clothes That Fit

Since you’ve given Fitbay information about your height, weight, body shape and previous clothes that fit well, it can now start matching you to others with similar sizes. The clothing items you’ve told Fitbay about will be recommended to them and vice-versa, along with numerous items added by Fitbay’s curators.

Discovering clothes that should fit, then becomes as easy as clicking the “Discover button” and seeing what is in the system for your size. When you see an item you like, add it to your saved items using the “Hanger” button. Later you can browse your saved items for ideas when you’re ready to buy. You could also click the heart button to help rate how much people love the items.


While browsing, you can filter the results to show just the types of clothing items you’re looking for. Or, you can check out items by brands you’ve entered into your wardrobe (which is a nice incentive to add more items from different brands). Looking at items by brands you’ve entered is an even more likely way to get a size that fits correctly, so don’t overlook this feature.


At the bottom of each item’s photo, you can see a size guide and how closely you match the person who submitted it. You’ll also see how many people loved it and comments on the item from other users. If you click on an item uploaded by another user, you’ll see all the information on how good a body match you are with this person, plus how well the item fit them. Basically, you get as much information as you possibly can on how it might fit you.


From that screen, you can obviously head straight to the site where you can buy it. Or, you can “hang” it and keep clicking “Next” for more up-close browsing.

Body Doubles

If you want to connect directly to the people with similar body shapes, check out the Body Doubles section. It’s early days for the site, so most users you see here will only be an “ok” match unless you’re exactly average in every way. As more people join up, this will improve rapidly.

I found one “Great Match” and was able to directly browse the items she had added to her wardrobe, which was really neat. You can even follow these people, which gives you even more chance of finding great stuff to wear.


Everything You Need To Find Clothes With A Great Fit

Please note that Fitbay is still very new and they would love to hear your thoughts. I personally think they’re a lot like Brayola, the social bra-fitting site Use Brayola To Find Great Bras Which Fit You Well Until recently, women who wanted to purchase a bra online were really gambling on how well the bra would fit. Sizing charts were laboriously pored over and purchases were made with returns policies in mind... Read More , but with all types of clothing.

What do you think of Fitbay? Do you think it provides you will all the information you need to find clothes that fit perfectly Try It On For Size: 5 Tips To Buy Perfectly Fitting Clothes Online Everything from electronics to furniture to food to clothing can now be purchased without ever leaving your home. But when it comes to buying clothes online, there’s a hitch - clothing needs to fit. Read More ? If not, what else would you suggest they do?

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  1. Mike Vise
    June 17, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Awesome idea. I'm going to work some stuff up on it and see how I like using it.
    Thank you!

    • Angela A
      June 18, 2014 at 12:10 pm

      You're welcome!