How to Find the Perfect Color Scheme or Combination With No Effort
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A key to a good design is picking an interesting color palette and there’s a lot of useful tools out there for creating color palettes. One way to approach your color palette is to think about contrasting colors. While you can spend hours looking at images, samples, color swatches, and more, Hello Color is a website that aims to make that process much simpler by randomizing it.

Hello Color couldn’t be easier to use. When you first load the website, you will get your first contrasting pair. You’ll see the colors on the screen, and will also get the hex codes for each color so you can easily use those colors in Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other design software you choose to use.


If you have a specific color that you want to use and are curious what contrasting color goes best with it, you can actually replace the hex code in the URL with the hex code of your choice, and the website will provide an interesting option for pairing.

To get a different color combo, just click anywhere on the screen and it will change.

Beyond graphic design, the site is also really useful for interior designers, crafters, illustrators, and other creatives for whom color is a major part of what they do.

How do you come up with your color combinations? Let us know in the comments.

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