Find My Android: 4 Ways to Locate Your Phone

Ryan Dube 30-01-2018

If you own an Android phone, and you’ve misplaced it, the chances are pretty good you’ll be able to locate your phone if you’ve planned ahead.


If you haven’t planned ahead yet, then this article is for you. You’ll learn about five different ways you can configure your phone and various accounts so that if you ever do misplace it, you’ll be able to find it again with just the click of a button.

1. Find My Device

If you have an Android phone, then you most likely have a Google account connected to it. Because of this, Google is well situated to find the location of your phone whenever you need.

This works exactly the way Find My iPhone 8 Ways to Find a Lost iPhone (And What to Do If You Can't Get It Back) If your iPhone goes missing, you need to look for it and find it as soon as possible. Here's how. Read More works for iOS users. However, unlike iOS where the access point is iCloud, the easiest way for Android users is to use Google’s Find My Device Find My iPhone for Android? Meet Android Device Manager Jealous of the iPhone's Find My iPhone app? Well, lucky for you there's an equally awesome app for Android called the Android Device Manager! Let's take a look at it. Read More service straight from Google Search.

Simply type “find my android” into Google, and Google will show a map with a pin on your phone location How to Trace and Find Your Phone's Location We show you how to trace a phone and find its location from your Android. Note that you can't find a phone location by its number. Read More .

ways to locate lost android phone


You do need to be signed in to Google How to Change the Default Google Account With Multiple Accounts This article covers how to change the default Google Account, particularly for multi-account users. Read More on the computer where you’re doing the search for the location to display properly.

More features are available if you go to the Find My Device page.

ways to locate lost android phone

There, not only will you see the phone location, but you can also have your phone ring for five minutes (this helps tremendously when you’ve lost it somewhere in your house).


You can also lock your phone How to Lock/Unlock an Android Phone With Your Voice Using Google Assistant You can voice unlock or lock your phone using Google Assistant! Here's how to use Google's voice unlock and lock. Read More and immediately erase the device. Remotely locking your phone is an important security action you should always take if you’ve discovered that your phone is in a location where your personal information might be vulnerable. If you suspect someone can access, or will access, your phone and there’s sensitive information on the phone, remotely erasing it may feel like a nuclear option, but it could save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

2. Find Your Android With Your Carrier

You don’t have to use Google to find your Android device. Another option is to go with whatever cellular carrier Never Buy a Phone From Your Carrier! Buy Unlocked Phones and Save Hundreds Unlocked phones can cost a fortune, but the savings more than make up for it. You can save thousands by not signing a contract. We've got six phones that come contract free! Read More you get your service through.

The following services are touted as family security services How to Set Up an Android Phone or Tablet for Kids: 6 Best Settings for Children If your children have an Android phone or tablet, you need to know how to set up those Android parental controls. Read More , but you can just as easily use the service to find your own phone if it gets lost.

Verizon Family Locator

ways to locate lost android phone


Verizon’s solution for locating phones is a service called Family Locator. Once you’ve signed up for the service, you just need to install the Verizon Family Locator app on each phone you want to track.

The app can be set up to give you SMS alerts whenever specific phones are leaving or arriving at a location (like school or work), and it can even provide parents with an estimated speed a teen driver Top 8 Things to Do When You're Bored Online Trying to kill time but can't find anything that'll hold your attention? Here are some fun things to do online when bored. Read More is traveling when they’re driving.

Download: Verizon Family Locator (Free)

T-Mobile FamilyWhere

ways to locate lost android phone


T-Mobile offers a similar service as Verizon, called FamilyWhere.

FamilyWhere lets you locate any phone on the plan, or automate the process by getting text notifications when they visit certain places. Family members can also “check in” to let each other know where they are at any given time.

If you’re signed up for the T-Mobile FamilyWhere service, you just have to install the app from Google Play.

Download: T-Mobile FamilyWhere (Free)

AT&T FamilyMap

ways to locate lost android phone

AT&T is keeping up with other providers by offering their own family tracking service called FamilyMap.

The features of this service mirror those of other cellular company offerings. You can see real-time locations on a map, get automatic SMS updates and alerts, and even see a log of locations visited.

It does feel a bit like a “big brother” way to run a family, but if you’re someone who’s lost their phone and needs to find it, having this app installed and running can be a real lifesaver.

You can download it from Google Play to find your Android — but make sure you install it before you lose your phone, otherwise you’re out of luck.

Download: AT&T FamilyMap (Free)

Sprint Family Locator

ways to locate lost android phone

Sprint offers a service called Family Locator, which could just as easily be called “Sprint Phone Locator”.

Sprint’s app is one of the highest rated family locator apps on Google Play, compared to the other cellular providers.

With Sprint Family Locator you can set locations to receive “safety checks” when family members arrive there safely. You can also see where everyone is at once on a single map, and see a location history for every phone. And of course, if anyone in the family lost their phone, the app will show them where to find it.

As you can see, nearly every major cellular provider in the U.S. offers a phone location service of some kind that’ll help you find your Android device if you ever lose it.

Download: Sprint Family Locator (Free)

3. Use Your Smartwatch

If you own a smart watch — whether it’s the Apple Watch Everything the Apple Watch Does Better Than the Fitbit Charge Thinking about a Fitbit? The Apple Watch is better at almost everything. Read More , a Garmin Garmin Vivomove Sport Review Do you hate modern wearables and just want a dead simple smartwatch for activity-tracking? Garmin's $150 Vivomove smartwatch gives you the opportunity to be as lazy, or as active, as you want. Read More , or the Samsung Gear S3 Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Review & Giveaway It's only recently that good quality 360 degree cameras have become affordable to all. The latest of those is the 2017 edition of the Samsung Gear 360: here's what we thought of the device. Read More — you have yet another tool available at your disposal to find your lost Android phone.

While every smart watch is different, the concept is the same. You should have an app available on your watch called something like “Find My Phone”. This is what it looks like on my Gear S3 Frontier.

ways to locate lost android phone

The app is very simple to use. On the Apple Watch, it’s called “pinging” your phone. On Samsung, it’s just a matter of pressing the green start button to ring your phone.

ways to locate lost android phone

While your phone is ringing, you’ll see the status screen on the smart watch showing that it’s trying to make contact with your phone by sending the ringtone.

ways to locate lost android phone

With the amount of times every week that I place my phone under a piece of paper or under some clothing in my bedroom, I’ve lost count how often I’ve used this feature. I no longer panic when I can’t immediately find my phone — I just call up this app on my smart watch and make my phone start calling out to me.

It’s a beautiful invention for absent-minded people.

4. Find My Android Apps

In addition to all of the tools described above that you have available for finding your lost Android, there are also a number of great apps available that you can install on your phone so you can use any web-connected computer or some other smartphone to find your misplaced phone. The following are a few of the best ones.

Find My Phone by SMS

ways to locate lost android phone

If you’ve tried all of the above apps or services that ring your phone, but you’ve realized it’s not located anywhere inside the house, your next best option is using an app that will give you the current address or coordinates Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates & Ways To Use Them Online Most of the time, when you're looking for directions or want to find a location, you probably go directly to Google Maps (or whatever your favorite mapping tool is) and look up the address. Well,... Read More .

The Find My Phone by SMS app is a simple but effective concept. All you have to do is set up a special keyword that you can use to text your phone from any other phone, and receive the nearest street address of where your phone is located.

The reply SMS also includes a Google Maps image of the location where your phone is located.

Download: Find My Phone by SMS (Free) [No Longer Available]

Whistle & Find – Phone Finder

ways to locate lost android phone

Another useful method for finding your phone if it’s located somewhere in your house is the Whistle & Find app. This app lets you walk through your house while whistling.

When you come within “hearing” distance from your phone, your phone will start ringing using the preconfigured ringtone 10 Free Mobile Ringtones That Sound Like Real Phones Want a new mobile ringtone? Try one of these free ringtones that sound like a vintage phone, plus some from movies and TV. Read More you’ve set up in the app.

Some of the older reviews of these kinds of apps mention that background music or notification pings could set off the app. I tested this app using Spotify to play instrumental music with violins that sounded a lot like whistling, and it didn’t affect the app at all. It only responded to my whistling, and it worked every time.

You can enable the “clap” feature instead, if you prefer to locate your Android by clapping instead of whistling.

Download: Whistle & Find (Free)

Where’s My Droid

ways to locate lost android phone

One app that is sort of a Swiss-Army knife of phone locator apps is Where’s My Droid. If you really want ultimate protection for your Android 6 Android Security Apps You Should Install Today Android security apps - capable of blocking malware and phishing attempts - are necessary if you wish to run a safe and secure smartphone. Let's look at some of the best Android security apps currently... Read More , this is the one to install.

Once you activate full admin permissions on your phone, you can remotely use this app to take pictures, trigger a ringtone, send an SMS with the phone location, and even enable a motion alarm.

Each feature has a configuration menu that you can use to tailor alerts and actions. For the purpose of this article, the area you’ll want to focus on so you can remotely check the location of your Android phone is the GPS setup page.

ways to locate lost android phone

Make sure GPS location How Does GPS Tracking Work and What Can You Track With It? GPS. We know it as the technology that guides us from A to B. But GPS is more than that. There is a world of possibility, and we don't want you to miss out. Read More is enabled, and you may want to Enable GPS flare as well. This makes the phone send out an alert email to you if the phone is below a certain battery threshold. This is great in the situation where you haven’t realized your phone is missing yet, and the battery is low. At least you’ll receive an email with the last known location of the phone before the battery died.

Once you’ve enabled the GPS feature, you can visit the Where’s My Droid web page, log into your newly created account, and connect remotely to your phone.

ways to locate lost android phone

From this website, you can see the location of your Android device on a map. You can also control the camera, lock or wipe the phone, or pull contacts and a call log from the phone as well.

If you want a full-featured app that does everything you need so you won’t ever lose your phone (permanently), this one is it.

Download: Where’s My Droid (Free)

Don’t Lose Your Android Phone!

Losing a phone is one of the most common reasons people have to buy a new phone How to Upgrade Your Android Phone Without Buying a New One Upgrading your Android phone can be expensive, so how can you get the most out of your current device? Read More . That can get expensive fast. Avoid the hassle and make sure you’ve set up some app or service listed above on your phone. Even if you never do actually lose your phone, at least it’ll give you some peace of mind.

Have you ever lost your Android phone? Did you have any apps like these installed and did it help? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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