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Bakari Chavanu 22-07-2011

Although there are pros and cons about Apple’s App Store, it’s still ten times easier to go there and discover new applications, displayed like a new clothing line in a storefront window. The App Store makes it easy to not only find Mac apps but also to download, manage, and add your purchased downloads to your other Macs. There’s no individual licenses to keep up with, and you can update all your app purchases from within the store.


Plus, there are always several dozen free apps that you can download, simply by clicking on the “Top Free” section of the App Store main page. However, don’t stop there. If you download Apps On Sale Lite, you can discover existing App Store applications that have been marked down, from a few dollars to completely FREE.

mac apps on sale

Apps On Sale Features

Apps On Sale Lite has a similar user interface to the official App Store. It first presents apps by categories, and from there you can choose to have it display both paid and free apps, or display them separately. Either way, Apps On Sale presents significant savings while introducing you to new apps.

apps on sale

One of the best features of Apps On Sale that is not found in Apple’s App Store is the ability to “favorite” apps for later viewing and purchasing.

apps on sale

You can view information about selected apps from within the Apps On Sale store, but when you go to purchase and download the app, you will be taken to the official App Store app where you can access your account.

Some Current Free Gems

At the time of this writing, Apps On Sale contained some 60 paid Mac apps marked down to FREE. Let’s take a look at a few of the useful ones.

apps on sale


SmileBook is a nifty little image collector that you can access from your menu bar. The app’s single sheet interface pops from the top-right corner of your desktop, and from there you can select and drag photos to the yellow folder where they can be retrieved later.

mac app store apps on sale

SmileBook is not a completely developed app by a long shot, but for the price of free it’s a good one to download.


If you’re an iPhone user, you will know that when you pull the headphone cable from the socket, the audio stops immediately. Well, SmartStop creates this same function for the Mac, but it goes a step further.

mac app store apps on sale

When you plug your headphones back into your computer, it will start your music or other audio back up – that is, if you enable it to do so.


Oddly enough, AppyDays is similar to Apps On Sale. Both apps downloaded the same marked down Mac apps, but the AppyDays shopping feature includes apps, on sale and for free, for the iPhone and the iPad.

mac apps on sale

Many app developers cut the prices of their apps for several days or just several hours, so how long these apps will remain free is beyond me to know; but I’m sure that when you shop in Apps On Sale Lite, or AppyDays, you will discover even more free apps and selections to fit your needs and wants.

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