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Angela Randall 28-04-2011

Here’s a little something for those of you who love to make or listen to new music. The Internet has given us yet another awesome way to discover and promote music: Amazing Tunes. The idea behind Amazing Tunes is so incredibly simple that you’ll probably jump on board instantly.


The Amazing Tunes Radio Station

Amazing Tunes have created a UK radio station for new music releases and have promoted the station enough to attract some big names and labels to their airwaves. They also offer this station online and certain shows as podcasts for the rest of the world to enjoy. Amazing Tunes are so good at attracting new talent that they are able to claim that they play 100% new music.

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For the listeners, this is great news. You’ll get to hear all sorts of new music releases every day and you’ll never get bored of what you’re hearing. In fact, you”ll have to act quick to get hold of the tracks you love before you forget what they were and get interested in something else.

Browsing Music On Amazing Tunes

As you may have guessed, you can also browse the selection of music by searching for popular tags, for emerging or famous artists, browsing the charts, featured artists, track name or any other way that takes your fancy. You can then listen to tracks using the flash player or you can purchase the track.

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Recommendations & Personalisation

If you’re logged in, you can also tag tracks as you wish or mark the songs you like using the heart and broken heart buttons. Logging in requires either a simple sign-up or use of a Facebook Connect login.

If you’ve rated enough tracks, Amazing Tunes can begin to recommend more tracks you might like. The more you rate, the better your recommendations will be.

Playlists can also be created by clicking the playlist button whenever you find or hear a song you like.

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Buying Tracks From Amazing Tunes

Since any artist can upload music to be heard on the radio or sold via Amazing Tunes, there’s a decent collection of tracks you can purchase. At the moment, all tracks are 79p each or free. Not too onerous, huh? Once you’ve paid, you’re emailed a download link.

Getting Your Music On Amazing Tunes

Amazing Tunes have made it easy to give them your music as high quality MP3 files. All you do is upload it to their site and they’re able to play it on the radio. You’ll need to sign up, but that only involves a simple form or a Facebook Connect login. Make sure you own the copyright for all parts of your music and lyrics before you upload your tracks.

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Your tracks will be available for people to listen to via the website and may eventually feature in the Amazing Tunes Audition. If it gets enough attention it will get played on Amazing Tunes radio.


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If you choose to make your tracks available to sell, you’ll need to provide a Paypal account. Amazing Tunes passes 100% of the profits directly to the artist, although Paypal fees do apply. Amazing Tunes recommend that you sign up for PayPal’s micropayment system in order to keep as much of your income as possible. Not a bad way for a struggling musician to make a bit of spare cash at all – there’s nothing to lose!

new music releases

You can also promote your gigs for free through Amazing Tunes too.


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Have you signed up for Amazing Tunes? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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