How to Find Out Which iPad Model You Own
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Do you remember the good old days when there was only one version of the iPhone and one version of the iPad? It was easy to recall what model your device was. That’s not the case anymore.

Apple sells a broad variety of iPhones and iPads, each of which offers different specs. Indeed, there are so many models available that it’s easy to forget which device you own, especially after a couple of years.

You’d like to think the answer would be as simple as looking on the back of the device to see what was printed there. But this is Apple we’re talking about—it was never going to be that simple. So, here’s how to find out which iPad model, or generation, you own.

How to Find Out Which iPad Model You Own

Every iPad has two model numbers. There’s one on the back that starts with “A” followed by four numbers, and there’s one in General > About > Model. The former is often called the A-number, the latter is just an internal Apple SKU identifier.

The easiest way to find out which model you have is to use a third-party web app. EveryMac offers one of the best; just enter the A-number into the box and hit Enter.

Alternatively, you can use the list below:

  • iPad 1: A1219 (Wi-Fi version), A1337 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
  • iPad 2: A1395 (Wi-Fi), A1397 or A1396 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad 3: A1416 (Wi-Fi), A1430 or A1403 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad 4: A1458 (Wi-Fi), A1459 or A1460 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad 5: A1822 (Wi-Fi) A1823 (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
  • iPad Air 1: A1474 (Wi-Fi), A1475 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
  • iPad Air 2: A1566 (Wi-Fi version), A1567 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad mini 1: A1432 (Wi-Fi), A1454 or A1455 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad mini 2: A1489 (Wi-Fi), A1490 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad mini 3: A1599 (Wi-Fi), A1600 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad mini 4: A1538 (Wi-Fi), A1550 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad Pro 1 12.9in: A1584 (Wi-Fi), A1652 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad Pro 1 9.7in: A1673 (Wi-Fi), A1674 or A1675 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad Pro 2: A1701 (Wi-Fi), A1709 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
  • iPad Pro 2: 12.9in: A1670 (Wi-Fi), A1671 (Wi-Fi + cellular)

And remember, if this list has made you realize that you own an old iPad, don’t throw it away. There are lots of ways you can speed it up 4 Practical Tips for Speeding Up an Old and Slow iPad 4 Practical Tips for Speeding Up an Old and Slow iPad Have an old or slow iPad that barely works anymore? With a few tips, you can have it up and running again. Read More .

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  1. Mike
    May 2, 2018 at 10:31 am

    I did not know the existence of 2 ipad2.
    thank you so much

    • Mike
      May 10, 2018 at 10:41 am

      found, now I buy it.