Find Google Drive Files 50% Faster With Quick Access for Android

Artificial intelligence is going to be a big part of your work day in the near future. Or even today as Google introduced a feature that predicts the file you need before “you have even typed anything”. It is limited to G Suite for Android now, but you can expect it to expand in scope.

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You might not be familiar with G Suite just yet. After all, it hasn’t been long that Google rebranded its business app with the power moniker. G suite includes the unified bundle of Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, and more. It definitely sounds better than Google Apps for Work. New capabilities that ride on artificial intelligence sound even better.

The new Quick Access for Android feature reduces the time you would need to search for necessary files by half. Relevant files are displayed on a scrolling area on top of your Drive. Instead of diving into your Drive folders, just pick the right one from the Quick Access display and start working. The invisible fractions of seconds saved by eliminating search from your Drive workflow can add to productivity.

Quick Access for Android

Quick Access for Android intelligently predicts the files you need by analyzing your work activity. Machine intelligence also figures out your collaboration patterns with colleagues across all the app in the G Suite. Quick Access gets smarter with behavioral cues from everyday tasks like recurring team meetings or reviews of forecasting spreadsheets.

Intelligent Predictions

Mundane chores are easier now with machine intelligence. For example: Google Calendar uses it for smarter scheduling. Explore in Google Sheets uses natural language processing to turn users’ questions into formulas instead of using painstakingly typed formulas.

Microsoft Office is still on the throne but Google’s suite of apps is getting more powerful with its bundle of collaborative utilities. The artificial intelligence bouts between Microsoft Office and Google Microsoft vs Google - Who Leads the Artificial Intelligence Race? Artificial intelligence researchers are making tangible progress, and people are starting to talk seriously about AI again. The two titans leading the artificial intelligence race are Google and Microsoft. Read More is just another front.

Have you used G Suite? Do the new capabilities make it more attractive than Microsoft Office?

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