Find Out How Far Uber or Lyft Can Go on Your Budget
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Planning on going somewhere? A little strapped for cash? We’ve found a cool website that will show you how far you can get with popular services like Uber and Lyft depending on how much money you have.

Basically, the service known as Up Hail works in reverse. When you go to the site, you enter where you’ll be starting your journey. From there, use the dropdown menu to select the service you want (Uber X, Uber Black, Lyft, Lyft Plus, taxi, etc.). For the last step, move the slider to adjust how much money you’d like to spend.

Click Discover, and after a brief loading period, you’ll see a red circle with your starting location in the middle overlaid on a Google Map.


If you want to run a different search, just click the button below where it says “You can ride this far…” and the search screen will open up again.

Have you ever traveled light? How did you save money? Share your stories in the comments!

Image Credit: Diego Cervo via ShutterStock

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