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Flipboard is introducing a more intelligent way of going through the cover stories. In the latest update to the curation app, cover stories will be organized by source, social network and topic. Groupings should help you focus more on the related content that you want to read, and ignore the ones you don’t want to. A specific group around your interest could be the jumping off point to dive deeper into the topic.

The Flipboard app will also learn over time how you use it, and it will bring to the surface content you are most interested in more frequently. Story groups will be indicated at the top of each page. Click on the blue “More…” link to open up the story feed under the group. Here’s a glimpse:

The smarter organization is reflected in other parts of Flipboard as well. Flipboard curated magazines also get the same reading convenience. Flipboard gives an example:

In The Weekend, a Flipboard-curated magazine about things to see and do, articles are grouped into topics like “Now in Theaters,” “What’s on TV,” “Sports Weekend,” “Sunday Reads” and more.

Try out the new better organized feed, and do tell us if it makes content consumption and discovery easier.

Source: Inside Flipboard

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