How to Find Cheap Flights With Google Flight Alerts

Sandy Writtenhouse Updated 29-01-2020

If you use Google apps regularly like Google Search, Google Maps, or Gmail, then why not Google Flights when searching for cheap airfare? One of its best features is the Google Flight price tracker; so you can receive an email whenever a flight that interests you has an airfare change.


These alerts can help you plan an affordable trip without the hassle of searching for rates daily.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up Google Flight alerts, what those alerts provide, and how to edit or discontinue them. In addition, we’ll give you some helpful tips for using Google Flight alerts for planning your next plane trip.

Setting Up Google Flight Alerts for Your Trip

Head to the Google Flights website and log into your Google account if you are signed out. If you have more than one Google account, be sure to log in with the one you want to use for the flight alerts.

Creating Google Flight Alerts is easy once you enter your desired flight details. Select your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, number of passengers, preferred class, and travel dates.

Google Flights Search


When you hit the Search button and get your results, you can obviously select and book right away. But to set up the alert, just turn on the toggle at the top for Track Prices.

Google Flights Track Prices Toggle

You can then relax and check out those alerts for airfare changes as they come into your inbox. This saves you from manually searching every day or so.

Creating Google Flight Alerts for Specific Flights

Along with setting up cheap flight alerts with the best deal, regardless of airline, you can create price alerts for specific flights. For instance, maybe you found the exact flight you want, but need to make sure you book it for the best price.


Once you find the departing flight you want from the search results, click the arrow to the right and hit the Select Flight button. You’ll then be prompted to pick your returning flight, so do the same thing by selecting it.

Google Flights Select Returning Flight

After you pick both the departing and returning flights, you’ll see your Selected Flights on the next screen. At the top, turn on the toggle for Track Prices.

Google FlightsTrack Prices Toggle Exact Flight


Now when you receive your Flight Alert via email, it will show you airfare changes for the exact trip you’ve chosen.

Receiving the Flight Price Alerts

When there is a change in the airfare prices or dates for your trip, you’ll get that alert to your Gmail account.

The nice thing about these alerts is that you can quickly see the change. The subject of the email will show the previous and new price. And the body of the email will show that increase in red or decrease in green.

Google Flights Emails


You can review the airfares for each flight on your list and click the link in the email to Show all flights if you like. This will take you right back to that spot on the Google Flights site.

Viewing and Stopping Flight Alerts

When you first turn on the toggle to track the prices, you’ll see a brief message display at the bottom of the screen for “Tracking Prices” with a link to View All. But you can navigate back anytime you revisit Google Flights.

On the Google Flights page, click the Main Menu button on the top left and select Tracked Flight Prices. You’ll then see a list of all flights you are tracking prices for with some extra details.

Google Flights Tracked Prices

If you move your cursor over the graph, you can see each airfare change and when it was, from the time you began tracking it.

  • On the bottom right, you can click the link to See all flights for that trip.
  • On the bottom left, you can click the trash can to delete it from your Tracked Prices list.
  • Next to the trash can, click the bell to turn price updates off or back on.

Google Flights Tracked Prices Cheapest Flight

To stop all Google Flight alerts, click the More button (three-dot icon) next to Tracked Prices at the top. Turn off the toggle for Notifications.

Google Flights Tracked Prices Notifications

Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare With Google Flights

While these Google Flight alerts are super handy for helping you find the cheapest airfare possible for your trip, here are a few tips and suggestions for using Google Flights. See our guide to Google Flights 5 Ways to Use Google Flights to Plan Your Trip and Save Money Do you want to make flight plans that are affordable? Here are some tips to plan your trip and save some cash with Google Flights. Read More for more tips.

Set up alerts for departing and returning flights. Even if you search for a roundtrip ticket, you’ll still have the opportunity to select your departing and returning flights. Set up Google Flight alerts for both. This way you can track both trips and check the lowest airfares for each.

Create flight alerts for different airports. If you’re in a location where you can use more than one airport and your destination also has this option, create alerts for those other airports. You might find a much cheaper flight from or to a different airport than you expect.

Double-check you’re getting the cheapest airfare. When you do your initial flight search and review your results on Google Flights, scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see links to check flight rates for your trip on sites like Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia, and similar websites.

Review the Date Grid, Price Graph, and Nearby Airports. Google Flights offers other helpful tools for planning your plane trip at the best price. When you receive the results from your search, you’ll see options to the right of the Tracked Prices toggle for Date Grid, Price Graph, and Nearby Airports.

Google Flights Date Price Airports

  • The Date Grid is helpful if you have flexible travel dates because you can see less expensive options on different days.
  • The Price Graph is a good tool for seeing airfare differences day by day.
  • The Nearby Airports map and list shows you other airports for your destination with prices and their locations on a map.

Google Flights Nearby Airports

Finding the Right Price on Google Flights

You’ll find many travel sites on the internet and mobile devices. Websites and apps like Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline, to name a few, are terrific resources. But if you’ve never tried finding cheap airfare on Google Flights, you might be missing the best source of all!

For more help planning your next trip, download one of these essential smart luggage trackers or one of these flight tracking apps for iPhone 5 Best Apps to Track Flights With Your iPhone While airlines usually have their own apps, standalone flight tracking apps are often more accurate and updated more often. Read More .

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