How to Find the Best-Rated Internet Service Provider Near You
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Getting internet service should be easy, but for most people it’s a pain. Many areas only have one internet service provider (ISP) option. Even if you have multiple options, a flurry of deals and limited-time specials make it hard to figure out who’s really the best.

Everyone in the U.S. should take a minute to visit BroadbandNow and see what the best ISP in their area is. Just type in your ZIP code and you’ll see a quick comparison of the providers near you. Each one includes a costumer rating, percentage of availability, fastest speed, and pricing for a standard plan.

If you’re interested, you’ll also see neat statistics about your area on the left side of the screen. Below the statistics, there’s a map of your area that marks places with public internet access. Usually these are libraries, which can provide some great benefits you might not have thought about.

How to Find the Best-Rated Internet Service Provider Near You BroadbandNow Stats

It’s not just residential internet ratings you’ll find here. Use the tabs above the stats and you can view small business and enterprise providers, as well as mobile. If you’re considering moving to a new area, this is a great way to see which cell company will provide the best coverage. The last tab covers satellite internet providers if you’re interested.

You’ll certainly want to shop around on a provider’s website for the best deal after reviewing these stats. But this is a great first stop when you’re thinking about switching to a new ISP, or moving to a new area and want to see what company provides the best coverage. Dealing with the issues these companies put you through is a different story, but having some basic info is definitely important. Give it a try and see what you find!

Which ISP is the best in your area? Did you find anything interesting in the statistics? Let us know what you discovered about internet service in your area in the comments!

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