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Finally Joined Pinterest? These 5 Boards Will Get You Started

Guy McDowell 22-11-2013

Imagine you had a cork board for each subject you’re interested in and pinned pictures on those. Of course, you’ve only got so much wall space in your house and covering them with cork boards and photos would make you look like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, so Pinterest helps you do this virtually, online.


Did you finally jump on the Pinterest band wagon? Me too. One day, I just seemed to cave in and join. I’m not sure what tipped me over the edge. It might have been the fact that the company I work for started an account and I wanted to be in-the-know about Pinterest. Then I started to see pinned items about things that were of interest to me, instead of crocheting and cute kids.

If you haven’t got a Pinterest account just yet, go and create one — it’s free. Then come back here — I’ll be waiting. You’ll be glad you did.

Now you are started with Pinterest. Let’s look at some Pinterest boards that will further help you get up and running faster.

All About Pinterest


Possibly the most thorough board on the topic, it’s curated by Kelly Lieberman, a Pinterest Celebrity if ever there was one. She’s a self-declared social media junky with a coffee swilling habit (who isn’t?), and with a lot of time invested in Pinterest and promoting it. With 1212 pins at the time of writing this, it surely must be the most thorough board about Pinterest, on Pinterest. Get used to seeing Kelly Lieberman’s name. She’s also responsible for the next board in this article.




Kelly Lieberman cemented her position in Pinterest history with the development of the #PinChat hashtag on Twitter. Under the #PinChat hashtag, Kelly hosts a weekly Twitter chat about Pinterest, and has some pretty interesting people and topics featured on it. Of course, it just wouldn’t be cricket if she didn’t turn around and pin these chats to its own board. Which we can all be thankful for, as it helps give us more insight into what we can really do with Pinterest. I found her recent chat with The Grommet to be intriguing, and I learned about a really cool website for really cool new products, almost Etsy-ish in a way.

Pinterest Training & Tips


Whether you want to get more out of Pinterest for yourself, or for your business, Krishna De has put together a board that brings together both worlds. Being a social media strategist whose life revolves around web-based marketing, the tips are solid, and her other boards offer even more information on other areas of social media marketing and relationship building. If you’re looking to utilize Pinterest to help you build your business, make this board your first stop.


Pinterest for Educators


Whenever cork boards are mentioned, certainly the classroom must spring to mind for some people. Remember how cool it was to have your artwork or project deemed worthy of going up on the board? There’s no reason teachers and educators can’t take to the virtual cork board, and this is the place to begin, thanks to Pinning4Good. The pins range from tips on how educators can integrate Pinterest into their classroom, to less Pinterest-focused topics such as promoting good citizenship and highlighting news that could be important to the educational professional.

For Us Men on Pinterest


Our last entry isn’t necessarily aimed at how to use Pinterest, but it is aimed at the group that wouldn’t follow the instructions anyway. If you’re a guy, or just dig more traditionally masculine pursuits, you might notice a discernible lack of manly pins. Trust me, brother, they’re out there. Gavin Gillett’s board is proof of it, with 1015 pins and counting. From fart jokes, to woodworking projects, great watches, cool cars, and a dash of fatherly advice you’ll find this board to be a great launching site into Pinterest and what it holds for men. I spent more time on that board than I did writing this article, and now I’m hooked on Pinterest. If Pinterest still doesn’t interest you, try these alternatives for men If Pinterest Doesn't Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men Pinterest is a fascinating website that reveals the things people like, love, desire, and covet. For those that have so far remained immune to its lure, Pinterest operates on the basis of images found across... Read More .


The Takeaway

Whether you’re already a pro on Pinterest, or this is your first foray into the social pinboard, at least one of these Pinterest boards will help you make the most of it. They might even make you into a pin-addict like I am now! Feel free to blame it on me, I have broad shoulders.

For even more detailed instruction on using Pinterest, check out our Unofficial Pinterest Guide The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More .

How have you been using Pinterest? Or was this article the motivator to finally check it out? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits: Laptop and Coffee via PlaceIt.


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  1. Ashok K
    December 1, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    I was using Pinterest for some time now and would definitely give these boards a try.

  2. Vinoth
    November 23, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    wow great guide. started using pinterest today. First it was confusing now i got some idea. hope goes well.... follow me on

  3. Helen
    November 23, 2013 at 11:39 am

    I was trying to give 5 stars. Thanks for getting me on Pintrest so early in the morning.