How to Finally Change Your Twitch Username
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Twitch is the premiere site for streaming video games. Whether you want to watch someone play the latest release before you buy or prefer to build a community of your own, Twitch is the best place to visit when you can’t play games at the moment.

Until now, you couldn’t change your Twitch username. This might not bother you if you just created an account, but anyone who’s used the service for years might be stuck with an old embarrassing username they’d rather forget. Luckily, you can edit your username in just a moment now.

Head to your Twitch profile page and sign in if necessary. Click the Profile tab and look under Username — you should see an Edit button next to the Username field. Choosing a new username will change your unique URL and reset your stats, so make sure you’ve recorded any stats you care about before you do this. Also, your old URL won’t link to your new profile, so you should notify your followers of the change.

After this change, PlayStation is now really the only gaming network that doesn’t let you change your username. Hopefully they’ll follow suit in the future, so you aren’t stuck with your xXMyLittlePony_SniperXx username from a decade ago!

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Are you a frequent Twitch user? Let us know if you appreciate the ability to change your username below!

Image Credit: Paul Stringer via Shutterstock

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