Filter Out The Noise And Get The Content That Matters To You With Undrip [iOS]
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undrip appWhile social networks are a great way to consume content, it can get pretty overwhelming. Between Twitter and Facebook alone, it gets incredibly noisy, and the content that matters to you gets drowned out. Rather than look for the important links and articles that your friends are sharing that are of interest to you in the midst of personal status updates, checkins and games, you can use an app like Undrip to do all the heavy lifting for you.

The iOS Undrip app does just that ([NO LONGER WORKS] iTunes Link). The app connects to your social networks, and pulls in the relevant content that is of interest to you – based on category choices – and also allows you to follow other Undrip users and find even more interesting content to read and keep up with on the go.

undrip app

When you first fire up the app and sign up for a new account, there are a couple of quick steps you can take to get started. The first thing you get to do is pick three categories to control what kind of content is going to appear in your stream. Existing categories include technology, sports, news, travel, music, photography and more. While you’re initially limited to only 3 categories, you can add more once you start to gain more followers on Undrip.

undrip iphone app

The next step you’ll do is connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts. This is of course totally optional. You can also connect Tumblr, Instagram and Unfortunately, connecting Google+ is not an option.

undrip iphone app

You can then dive right into using Undrip to discover new content.  There are two main menus. Clicking on the ‘drip’ icon in the top left hand corner pulls up a filter for your content.

You can filter content down to view articles, images, videos, or websites.

undrip iphone app

From this menu you can also create a new ‘drip’ – but you do have to have the URL handy in order to share it with your Undrip followers.

undrip iphone

The menu on the right offers additional filters – popular, recent and global content. From here you can also access your personal stream based on your followers, your own profile, other people on the social network, and the app’s settings.

undrip iphone

Your feed contains articles that have been shared by other users on your connected social networks, and fit under the categories you selected when you first set up your account. The feed contains titles, an excerpt, and shows you who among your friends from other social networks have shared it.

undrip iphone

You can reshare content on Undrip from the main feed by hitting the ‘Drip’ button. You can add a comment, and also crosspost the link to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or

Filter Out The Noise And Get The Content That Matters To You With Undrip [iOS] Undrip7

Clicking on the link will open up the article in a stripped down mobile version, and you can easily share articles to Twitter and Facebook or via email, as well as save, mark as read, and more.

Filter Out The Noise And Get The Content That Matters To You With Undrip [iOS] Undrip9

There is also a quick gesture available to access the mark read and save for later options – simply by swiping to the left.

undrip app

the Undrip app is a slick looking app and is pretty easy to navigate. It makes consuming content quick and easy, provides a few handy gesture options to get through your reading list quickly, and makes it incredibly easy to share the content that matters to you across social networks.

That said, it can take some getting used to just opening and closing the menus. When the menu is open, you can either open and close it by hitting the icon, or swiping the menu closed. If you don’t use these gestures, you could accidentally open up an article while trying to close the menu, which can be a bit annoying.

That aside, Undrip really does a great job at providing a slick UI, and a ton of interesting content to keep you updated with interesting reads. If we had one item to add to our wishlist, it would be a web-based interface that allows you to use Undrip on your computer as well as on your iPhone or iPad.

How do you find the content that matters to you from all the content that is shared on your social networks? Have you tried Undrip? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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