How to Filter Out Biased and Unreliable Sites on Google News
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News media is a complex topic these days. From biased reporting to fake news that hides the truth, you can’t just read through any old site for your daily updates.

There are probably a few sites that you don’t visit, either because their reporting is skewed or you’re just sick of seeing them. Using Google News, you can cut down on the amount of content you see from a given site.

To do so, visit Google News and sign in if you aren’t already. At the top-right of the screen, click the Personalize button. Here, you can change the volume of articles shown about different topics, or even add a new topic that you’re interested in.

What we’re interested in, however, is the Adjust Sources box. Type a website into this, and you can slide the bar between four frequency options: Often, Sometimes, Occasionally, and Rarely. So, if you’re tired of seeing posts from any particular source, just add its name here and set it to Rarely show news from them.

You might still see an article from them every once in a while, but it won’t be nearly as often as before. If you want a fresh start, just click Reset under these options to put everything back the way it was. To make the news more relaxing, try adding some funny news websites into your mix.

Sick of Google News altogether? Have a look at some alternatives to the service.

Have you filtered some sites out of your Google News headlines, or do you use a different source altogether for news? Let us know down in the comments!

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