FileTool: Create Multiple Files & Folders At Once

Azim Toktosunov 03-03-2013

FileTool is a useful tool for Windows that lets you create many files and folders at once on your computer. In Windows, you can create a new file or a folder with a few mouse clicks. But if you want to create more than one file, say hundreds or thousands, there is no way to do it easily via default Windows functions. It is aimed mainly at developers but can be used by anyone.


Creating many test files and folders is needed by developers who want to test their applications. Sometimes you have to have a thousand folders with a single file in each folder or have a dozen of large files, or you have to lock some files and see how your application responds when it can’t access those files etc. These are only a couple of scenarios out of many where FileTool comes quite handy.

create multiple folders

To see how it works, download and unzip the archive from their website and run the program. Next, select a location on your computer where you want to create the test files/folders. Then an input base file name, count (number of files), default file size and click “Create”.

By default, the program creates files. To create folders select the “Create folders” option. If you want custom names for your files, use the syntax as shown in the dialogue window.



To lock your file(s) based on different permissions (Delete/Read/Write), simply drag them on to the program window. The app is portable and doesn’t require installation, so you can carry it around with you on a removable drive.


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