FileMind: A Feature-Rich, Free Replacement For Windows Explorer

Dave LeClair 01-11-2012

For most people, the features of Windows Explorer do more than enough. But some users need more. They need deeper features that allow them to do more with their files. Well, if you are looking for a program with lots of features that is available for free, then FileMind is a great option. It’s packed with everything a file searcher could want, and you can keep your wallet closed when you download it, and who doesn’t love that?


replacement for windows explorer

One of the major selling points of FileMind is how fast it is. It can find files in an instant. Simply typing in a few letters will cause it to start suggesting files with those letters in the name. It also has features to help you find a file if you forgot its name. It can search by date and extension, so you should be able to track down those long lost files with ease. To help you quickly see files you use frequently, FileMind highlights them.


FileMind also has some other cool features such as a bookmark bar for pinning important files, and automatic updates to keep the app current. If you feel that Windows Explorer leaves a little to be desired, FileMind might be the alternative for you.


  • Feature-rich alternative to Windows Explorer.
  • Incredibly fast file searching.
  • Highlights frequently used files.
  • Bookmark bar for important files.
  • Free to use.

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