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FileBot Makes Managing Your Movies, TV Shows and Other Media Files A Breeze

Justin Pot 05-10-2011

manage media filesQuickly rename your video files, find subtitles and so much more. If you use your computer to watch TV shows, or any kind of video, you should really check out FileBot.


Media center computers are great. Hooked up to your television and armed with Boxee or similar software, they make watching the files on your hard drive from your couch simple. Unless, of course, the files on your hard drive aren’t named properly. For TV episodes in particular, poorly named files may not be recognized by your media center of choice. We’ve recommended TV Rename TV Rename - The Long Awaited App for TV Show Addicts Read More in the past for just this reason, but it’s far from perfect. It can be a little buggy at times, and only runs on Windows. FileBot is fast, stable and cross platform. There are versions for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Even better is that it does more than just rename files. You can use this tool to download subtitles for any show or movie, in any language. You can look up complete episode lists for any show. You can even split video files into smaller pieces, if you want.

Rename Files En Masse

Like I said: the main reason people should check this program out is for renaming videos. For TV shows in particular, FileBot is extremely useful.

manage media files

FileBot can scan the current filenames to figure out which show, season and episode the videos contain. Then you can can file the proper episode list using one of several sources:


managing media files

Between all of these sources, every show on planet Earth should be covered. Just pick one and your files will quickly be given filenames your media center application can recognize.

Find Lists Of TV Episodes

Renaming files isn’t the only reason to use this software, however. It’s also great if you want to see a complete list of every episode a TV show has ever broadcast. Just search for your show and pick a source:

managing media files


Not life-changing, but still nice to have around. You might notice a season of your favorite show happened without you noticing.

Download Subtitles

Subtitles are great. They make content not produced in our native tongue accessible and makes life better for the hearing impaired. FileBot can quickly find subtitle files for any show or movie:

manage media files

Again, there are a variety of sources used to accomplish this, so if a subtitle file exists you’ll be able to find it here.


Other Tricks

But that’s not all! This program can also make playlist files for you, perfect if you want to set up a loop of files. You can analyze the contents of a given file, and even cut it into pieces for burning to CD. Finally, there are a variety of tools for checking file authenticity; you can create sfv, md5 and sha1 files.

Download FileBot

Ready to check this software out? Download FileBot now. You’ll find installation files for Windows and Mac. Linux users will find a Debian file and the source code. Finally, if none of these work for you, there is a Java .jar file that works on all platforms with Java.

How do you like FileBot? Let us know in the comments below, along with any tips or tricks you may have for using this software.

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