File Lock: Browser-Based Encryption Software, Sans Plugins

Encrypt any file using only your web browser. File Lock is an HTML5 tool for encrypting any file on your computer, without the need for Java or other plugins. Even better: the encryption happens entirely on your computer, meaning your data is not at risk during transfer (it isn’t transferred).

Using HTLM5 to read your files and a javascript implementation of AES to encrypt, users of File Lock simply choose a file to encrypt by browsing to it (works similarly to uploading). The site then locally encrypts the file with a user-entered password – users need only repeat the process to decrypt their files.

browser based encryption

Note that larger files could cause the program to have hiccups – and in some cases cause your browser to crash. Don’t worry: the file will eventually encrypt, it just takes a while.

File Lock: Browser-Based Encryption Software, Sans Plugins filelock large

A web-based interface makes the service perfect for sharing secure information with less technically inclined people – you can simply send them a file, tell them the password through another channel and point them toward File Lock. Removing the need for everyone to download encryption software makes things easier.

I tested the site offline – it works, provided you’ve already loaded the page. So everything you need to encrypt your files is loaded when you first open the site.

Oh, and be warned: when you encrypt a file with a password you need to remember said password. There’s no “I forgot my password” button here. Forget the password and your file becomes useless.


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