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Bakari Chavanu 21-12-2011

favors siteOne advantage of the Internet is that you can build relationships with a wide range of people from various demographics that you may never physically meet. Social network sites like Twitter and Facebook are worldwide Internet forums in which we can get news and information in a short amount of time.


Now another community-based site called [NO LONGER WORKS] has come out of Beta release with the specific purpose of getting professionals to “build and strengthen relationships by exchanging valuable help with one another”. In short, is all about asking and granting favors.

How It Works works similarly to Twitter and Facebook in that after you join the site you build a list of contacts by following existing members, and by inviting your friends and contacts on other professional social networking sites like LinkedIn.

favors site

The homepage is set up for you to ask a question or favor you want, or respond to a favor or request. Your request can be a general one, or more targeted towards getting feedback on say your new business website; asking your followers to promote a particular product or service, or request introductions to other people who may be of help to you.

giving favors

Advertisement is like attending a professional networking gathering in which you exchange information and ideas, get connected with other important people, and ask for advice and help with your business or job pursuits.

Sample favors listed on so far include members asking other members to “like” them on Facebook, request for feedback on a re-designed website, a request for followers on Twitter, and recommendations for talented iOS developers.

giving favors

Favors Feed

The hubbub of your homepage consists of the Favors Feed that lists the most popular requests and favors by members of the site. Another tab contains the activities of the people you are following, followed by a section devoted to the Top Members of the site who are the most active. All your favorite requests get listed in a separate tab as well.


giving favors

You can also search requests by people, tags, and specific favors. It would be useful however if the Favors Feed could be filtered by topics, categories or tags. As membership for the site grows, the Feed will undoubtedly get very long and difficult to manage. Being able to filter favor requests beyond conducting searches might be helpful.

Building A Reputation

As you respond to requests and favors of other members on the site, you begin to build a reputation, and go from being labeled a Rookie (“help others less than 10 times”), to Participant, Advocate (a high level of helping others), and Benefactor (the top 5% of helpers.) You earn points and thank you badges that get listed on your profile as you participate.

favors website


Generally, asks that you grant as many favors as you ask, which will increase your status and credibility on the site. is set up for you to broadcast favorite requests directly to your social networks without having to leave the site. You even get to forward requests to specific friends on your social network.

Activity Dashboard

If you find yourself becoming very active on, you can use the Activity Dashboard to get an overview of the top 5 most helpful numbers, the top 5 people you have helped, and the top 5 people who helped you in the last 30 days.

favors website


If you link to your LinkedIn profile and other social networking sites, you will be able to directly invite members to join

favors website

How useful a site like becomes depends upon a vibrant active membership. Let us and the developers of know what you think of the site. Do you think it could be more useful than existing and similar social networking sites?

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