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Justin Pot 29-01-2014

One hand on the steering wheel, one hand on the “seek” button. There’s always a better song, you’re going to find it.


If that’s how you drive, you’ve probably always wished there was a search engine for radio. And now there is – for your computer (cars will just have to wait).

Radio Search Engine regularly indexes online radio stations, allowing you to search for a specific song playing…somewhere. You can then listen to the song (usually halfway through), then continue to listen to whatever station you stumble upon. You might find yourself listening to a Japanese top-forty station, but that’s half the fun.

It’s not exactly a replacement for services like Spotify or Rdio, but it’s interesting nonetheless – and is probably more useful for talk radio than anything else. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Searching Every Station

Unlike their locked-down, Aereo suing Instagram Direct, YouTube Live, Twitter Blocking, Aereo TV [Tech News Digest] Instagram adds messaging, YouTube expands live streaming to all, Twitter changes what it means to block someone, Aereo to Supreme Court, you're likely to be a bot, 2013 remembered by Twitter, and Amiga 500 lives... Read More TV brethren, radio stations long ago added live web streams of their programming to the web. These typically aren’t even region locked, meaning you can listen to the station from your hometown even if you now live overseas.

RadioSearchEngine takes advantage of this fact, as well as the song metadata these stations offer, to make it possible to hear any top-40 song instantly. Head to the site and you’ll see our local stations, to the right of a list of current top songs:



Click any of the song and you’ll be taken to a random station playing it. This will usually occur partway through a song, and occasionally occur after it’s played.


It’s not perfect, but it’s a quick way to hear the better part of almost any song. Once the song is over, you can simply continue listening to that station – or you can click another song. So yeah, it’s not exactly Spotify, but it’s a pretty cool hack. There’s even a search function:



Search for any song or artist and you’ll be shown a number of stations playing them (as seen above). Click to start listening. The service claims around 40,000 songs are playing at any given time, so you won’t find everything you’re looking for.


Even if the artist you want can’t be found, you’ll be shown stations likely to play them soon – typically stations that play music from that particular genre. It’s worth trying.


Podcasts And Talk Radio

I can’t imagine music lovers will fall in love with this site, but I know who might: fans of talk radio. As a big public radio fan, I found this a great way to quickly listen to shows I’ve missed – time zones and differing schedules mean I can listen to California stations play Morning Edition after it stops broadcasting in Colorado:



This isn’t limited to public radio shows, either: pretty much any talk radio show you can imagine can be found this way. The site also serves up podcasts:



Be warned, however, that the site will begin playing podcasts from the first item in the feed. This is fine for shows that delete episodes from their feeds, but shows with complete archives will start at the very beginning (I ended up listening to episode one of The Bugle, which was weirdly nostalgic).

Radio, Radio

Here’s serial entrepreneur Michael Robertson and the man behind Radio Search Engine talking about his creation:

If you’re not sold on the whole “search” idea, but would like to explore online radio some more, I’d recommend checking out TuneIn. It lets you tune into 50,000 stations worldwide Tune Into TuneIn Online Radio & Listen to Unlimited Music, Sports & Talk Shows Is radio listening back in vogue? I think it has been for quite some time. One only needs to follow the trail of advertisers, or for us who live in the online world – the... Read More , and offers an easy user interface for the job.

Or, if you’re more into creation than consumption, why not consider starting your own online radio station Start an Online Radio Station of Your Own: Here's How If you've been wondering how one goes about setting up an online radio station then you're in luck. There are a number of simple ways to make an online radio station involving nothing more than... Read More ? It might be fun.

But what I really want to know is what, if any, use you all find for RadioSearchEngine (no longer available). Does it fit into your life, or is it just a novelty that’s interesting in that it exists? Let me know below, okay?

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  1. Michael Robertson
    January 29, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Glad you caught the talk angle! I don't think anyone caught that. It also works for podcasts too!

    Music fans are telling us they like it because it has more user control than Pandora. They can search and play specific songs, plus there's no limit to the number of skips and more importantly they can pick what songs they skip too. Those capabilities make it a pleasing semi-interactive user experience.

    Users can send me specific comments at

    -- MR (CEO of RadioSearchEngine)

  2. Maarten D
    January 29, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    I also think that it is nice tot discover new radio stations!

  3. Vishal M
    January 29, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    wow !
    Really cool, very good website. Now one can also discover many new songs from different languages and genres.