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Get Your Favorite Kindle Highlights Sent to Your Inbox Every Day

Saikat Basu 09-11-2017

Have you ever found that non-fiction books are more difficult to digest than fictional ones? Take a self-help book, for instance. How much of it do we really retain? I have such a tough time remembering all the lifehack tips How to Easily Organize & Remember All the Life Hack Tips You Read We forget things if we don't repeat them. That's bad news for the endless words of wisdom we read every day. The good news is that forgetfulness can be beaten. Read More I read that I employ the help of technology.


For Kindle enthusiasts, there’s a clean solution — it’s called Kindle Highlights.

A Tool to Rediscover the Best Ideas in a Book

You can now revisit all of your Kindle highlights in your inbox. No extra effort necessary, unless you count using this Chrome extension as effort.

Readwise is a Chrome extension that takes your Kindle Highlights on Amazon’s cloud and sends a few of them to your email every day. The daily email is a spaced repetition that helps you rediscover the best wisdom you come across in a book and found interesting enough to highlight.

Set it up in three quick steps:

  1. Sign-up with your Amazon account.
  2. Install the Readwise extension on Chrome.
  3. Import your Kindle Highlights.

Kindle Highlights with Readwise


The registration is completely secure social login. From here on, you’ll get a daily email with a random mix of your highlighted passages. You can also change the email address you want to use for the daily email.

Your inbox is the one place you go to every day. Give the email a label with a filter and you have your own central dump for every idea you come across on a Kindle ebook.

How Do You Keep Your Notes and Highlights?

Readwise isn’t the first tool that makes your highlights more accessible. There is the popular Clippings.io extension too but it comes with a price attached. Kindle to Evernote is also not free. Bookcision is a JavaScript bookmarklet that downloads everything to your computer.

Readwise is free and a great alternative to the above tools. It also gives you a reason to go to your crowded inbox every day.

How do you manage your Kindle Highlights? Do you have a system that works?


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  1. vanderleun
    February 8, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    "Readwise is a Chrome extension that takes your Kindle Highlights on Amazon’s cloud and sends a few of them to your email every day. "

    If I can't get all my notes and highlights when I want them this app is a piece of shit email scraper.