FatBooth: See How You Would Look Fat [Android]

Umar 23-03-2011

When it comes to beginning a new diet, we all procrastinate. Thinking that a ‘few extra pounds’ would not hurt, we keep on ignoring our diet plans. FatBooth is here to provide that extra bit of motivation we require to begin our diet plans.


how you would look fat

FatBooth is a free smartphone application for Android devices. Sized at 3.8 MB, the app runs on phones running Android version 1.6 and later. FatBooth lets you visualize how you would look like with a ‘few extra pounds.’

Compare the image above with this one:


As you can imagine, after you see yourself ‘fattened up’ by the app you will take a more serious attitude towards dieting.

The app can also be used as a fun tool to see how your friends would look like if they put on a lot of weight.


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  1. Anonymous
    March 27, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    they should make this in reverse, where you can see what you would look like if you lose weight. That would motivate people>