Fast eBay Search: Quickly Search International eBay Stores [Chrome]

Umar 02-05-2012

If you are a regular eBay user, then you already know that certain items being sold at one eBay site might be on auction for a lower price at another international eBay website. Here to offer you the ability of quickly jumping from one international eBay store to another to search, is a Chrome extension called Fast eBay Search.


search international ebay

After it is installed, you will find a new button located in Chrome’s address bar. You can click it to drop down the eBay search functions. In this little window you will be able to execute a search while specifying which international eBay store to search in. Other useful features include saving your searches and saving certain items in your watchlist to stay on top of those auctions.

fast ebay search

By making the international eBay stores more accessible, this extension has made itself a must-have for all Chrome-using eBay shoppers.



Check out Fast eBay Search @ [No Longer Available]

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