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Fast Broadband for All By 2020, Websites Keep on Tracking You… [Digest]

Dave Parrack 09-11-2015

The Brits are getting fast broadband, Do Not Track remains voluntary, Chronos turns any watch into a smartwatch, the World of Warcraft movie trailer drops, and Jeff Goldblum makes Christmas creepy.


The UK Gets Fast Broadband For All

The British government is promising to ensure everyone in the UK has access to fast broadband by 2020. Prime Minister David Cameron wants to put broadband on the same level as water and electricity by introducing a “universal service obligation” for Internet access. Cameron said:

“Access to the internet shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a right – absolutely fundamental to life in 21st century Britain. Just as our forebears effectively brought gas, electricity and water to all, we’re going to bring fast broadband to every home and business that wants it.”

This is a nice idea, and one we personally hope expands out to other countries. After all, Internet access can change lives for the better DancingMan, And 4 More Times The Internet Was a Positive Force The Internet can be a mean place, full of trolls and scamsters. But just like real life, for all the bad, there's a lot of good out there. Read More , especially for those living in rural areas. Therefore, those of you in the United States and beyond should use this news as a call to arms, and start fighting (peacefully) for your right to superfast broadband.

In the UK there’s just one problem… Prime Minister Cameron has promised the same things on previous occasions. As noted by BBC News, the government made similar pronouncements in 2010 and 2012, and while the percentage of British homes with access to superfast broadband has increased since then, it’s a long way of being 100 percent.

The FCC Rejects Do Not Track Petition

Websites such as Google and Facebook will retain the right to track all users. This comes after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rejected a petition [PDF link] to make it mandatory for websites to honor Do Not Track requests, and doing so will remain voluntary as it is right now.


According to The Washington Post, Consumer Watchdog petitioned the FCC to enforce Do Not Track requests, but the FCC has declared it has “no intent to regulate edge providers”. Edge providers are entities providing content or platforms online, as opposed to mere access to the Internet.

Thus, while the FCC has reclassified Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to safeguard net neutrality How the Web Won on Net Neutrality: 5 Key Moments It does looks like net neutrality will reign, at least for a while. Let's take a look back at some of the most important moments in this battle. Read More , it isn’t willing to dabble too much in ensuring Internet users retain their privacy. Which is sure to disappoint privacy advocates Snowden's on Twitter, Here Are 7 More Privacy Advocates to Follow Snowden is hardly the only privacy advocate on Twitter, or the world's leading authority on the subject. The social network has several prominent voices who care about user data and how to protect it. Read More . Still, at least it means the ads you see online will be targeted rather than random.

Turn Any Watch Into a Smartwatch

While smartwatches such as the Apple Watch Apple Watch Review & Giveaway The new Apple thing is finally out, but everyone was talking about the Apple Watch long before it was officially announced. Starting at $349 - we take a look, and have TWO to give away! Read More are gaining some traction, they haven’t exactly become a ubiquitous gadget in the same vein as the smartphone yet. And, to be honest, they probably never will. However, the ability to turn any watch into a smartwatch may help.

Which is why Chronos exists. Chronos is a small metal disc that adheres to the underside of your existing watch. Once in place it’s capable of notifying you when you get a text, email, or other communication, buzzing slightly or lighting up when a notification comes through on your phone.


The Chronos also offers some fitness tracking thanks to its built-in accelerometer. According to The Verge, the Battery lasts around 36 hours, and companion apps for both Android and iOS mean it’s compatible with most people’s smartphones. (Unless you’re still using a BlackBerry!)

Chronos is priced at $99 and is currently available for pre-order with shipping set to begin in Spring 2016. James Bond may still choose the Apple Watch How James Bond Made Me Buy an Apple Watch Bond has always had a thing for watches. Indeed, some of the best gadgets Bond has ever used have been timepieces. Which means he would buy an Apple Watch. As will I. Read More , but this feels like a more desirable option for those of us who aren’t secret agents in need of an arsenal of innovative gadgets The Best Bond Gadgets Of All Time James Bonds gadgets are legendary. In this article, we run down some of the most futuristic gadgets from the films, and see how they stand up in the era of the iWatch. Read More .

Watch the First Warcraft Trailer

The first full trailer for the movie based on The World of Warcraft is now available to watch, and rather good it is too. Warcraft: The Beginning, to give the film its full title, shows the war between the Horde and the Alliance kicking off in spectacular fashion.

Warcraft: The Beginning should appeal to a wide range of movie lovers. Anyone who has played The World of Warcraft over the last decade and change, anyone who likes epic fantasy films such as The Lord of the Rings, and Duncan Jones fans, for starters.


There have only been a handful of decent movies based on video games The Top 10 Video Game Movies Of All Time Media crossovers can often be highly successful. Books such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Forrest Gump, and It's A Wonderful Life have found new audiences after being translated into movies. But video games... Read More , so let’s hope Warcraft: The Beginning proves to be as epic and entertaining as the trailer suggests.

Jeff Goldblum Makes Christmas Creepy

And finally, if there’s one thing guaranteed to ruin Christmas, it’s your significant other buying you the wrong present. And if there’s one thing guaranteed to make Christmas creepy, it’s Jeff Goldblum barging in and telling you where you went wrong.

This is the first of a series of television commercials for British electronics retailer Currys PC World. They all show Goldblum teaching disappointed recipients how to act in the event of not getting the present they want. Which are all gadgets of some kind, naturally.

These ads are weird and awkward, but also funny. Which is a heady combination. They’re also further proof that celebrities will do anything for money 10 Celebrities Who Sold Their Souls to Tech Companies Tech companies are always looking for ways to make their products more enticing, and bringing in celebrities is a classic way of doing that. Here are some entertaining (and annoying) examples. Read More . [H/T CNET]


Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Should fast broadband be a basic human right? Would you like to see Do Not Track become standard practice? Would you want to turn your watch into a smartwatch? Will you be seeing the Warcraft movie? What’s the one gadget you would really like for Christmas?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

Image Credits: Andrew Hart via Flickr

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  1. Anonymous
    November 10, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    lol the internet is a doubled-edged sword capable of great things as well as bad.... well the point of a sword to plunge the living anatomy of a person or being to prevent life from going on...

    with the internet being an illusion of success, which will just bring us to our enevitable end quicker as information is spread allowing productivity to increase (the more productive the less of the earth we leave intact), like a sword destroying one side of an argument via violent actions in order to claim the "righteous" way of life. Well then I guess I see the resemblance...

  2. Anonymous
    November 10, 2015 at 2:37 am

    As much as I despise pop-ups and other wall to wall ads on virtually every. single. site I visit, targeted or not, I'm kind of glad the FCC rejected the petition for Do Not Track.

    You can't have selective Net Neutrality. Even if the Googles of the cyber world act like the tobacco industry, if you regulate them it effectively sets a precedent for just about any other group to cite to regulate virtually any other activity.

    I said it in 1995 & I believe it to still be true. The Internet is a double-edged sword which can be used for great things equally with bad.

    PT Barnum pointed it out a very long time ago. Look it up. So did Mr. Goodwrench.

    Nothing is free. Nothing. More so now than ever before in history. As consumers, we made Google the success it is, along with all the other companies that are cashing in on our dependence. I'm not saying it's right or fair. It's just the other edge of the sword that's now slicing out its pound of flesh.

    And BTW, I'm really not a negative person, despite my comments on these blogs. What I am is tired of seemingly everyone's refusal to accept responsibility for their part in creating the mess in & with which we all live. Sorry, folks, there's no one else at fault except the one each of us stares at in the mirror first thing morning