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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy?

Tim Brookes 08-05-2014

It seems today that all you see are purchases in software, for in-app currency – but where are those “pay once, play forever” values on which we used to rely?


It was only a matter of time before FOX extended its free to play empire to include the Family Guy brand. Seth MacFarlane’s adult-themed animated hit set in the fictional town of Quahog follows the immensely popular The Simpsons: Tapped Out The Simpsons: Tapped Out Is A Free-To-Play Game That Mocks Free-To-Play Games The Simpson's Tapped Out is a free-to-play game that mocks all of the genre's most annoying aspects, all while still trying to sell you in-app purchases. Read More in all but jokes and visual style, but with in-app purchases that cost more than $400 in real money – has it gone a bit far?

I’ve spent a good two weeks finding out.

Freakin’ Sweet

The game opens with an animated short depicting Peter Griffin and his feathered nemesis fighting in typical, drawn-out Family Guy fashion until the entire town of Quahog is destroyed. Much like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, it’s up to you to rebuild Quahog – and FOX hopes you’ll spend a few dollars doing it!


Like so many free-to-play titles Angry Birds Go! Review: Can The Birds Survive The Free-to-Play Jump? Not only does the new Angry Birds racer forego the $0.99 price tag, it's a different genre of game entirely. It's undoubtedly a bold move – but does it work? Read More , The Quest for Stuff tries to reel you in instantly with its charm. Provided you’re familiar with (nay, fond of) Seth MacFarlane’s risqué humour, there’s little to complain about in the way of content here. For Family Guy fans, fan service doesn’t get any better than this.


Each character has relevant sound bites from the show, as well as additional audio and written dialogue that appears upon completing the game’s many quests. The map is fairly large and divided into the usual unlockable chunks, which cost money and time to clear. There are six defined areas to the map (at least at this early stage), each of which contains unique characters and buildings that become available as you level up.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? districts

The core gameplay involves tapping buildings which generate XP and coins (the standard, non-premium in-app currency), assigning time-based tasks to characters and building more Quahog. The visual splendor developers TinyCo packed in is not to be understated – character animations for the various quests look great, buildings animate and change based on activities taking place inside and the visual style and colour palette used is arguably better than what EA achieved with Tapped Out.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? taptap


The main difference compared to The Simpsons title is that characters level-up individually, in addition to your own levelling (which allows you access to new parts of the town). Aside from the franchise, these are two very similar games, from two different developers.

Faster Than The Speed Of Love

You pretty much get a full hour of unhindered gameplay before the free-to-play hammer comes crashing down and gives you two options: pay up or wait around. This is to be expected, these are after all time-based tasks which you can pay premium currency (clams) in order to speed up.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? unlocktasks

Characters are unlocked first by buying a new building, waiting for that building to be built and then finding a set number of items. These items are again earned by assigning time-based tasks, or by collecting them from buildings you have already placed. It can feel like a bit of a grind, particularly as many activities and buildings only have a “chance” at producing the item you might need. For rare items, this can be excruciating.


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? unlockedmort

One such area of the game that requires items is Al Harrigton’s Outfits, a chance to dress up characters you have already unlocked with classic outfits from episodes gone by (think tweaked-out Peter, Speedo Quagmire and so on). While this is a nice touch, some of the “extra rare” items are incredibly difficult to come across without spending real money. Sometimes you can be very unlucky and not earn any of these chance items, which means either waiting another 8 or more hours (or using premium currency).

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? alharrington

You can always pay clams to speed up processes, and even pay outright for characters or outfits. The more progress you make in a quest, the lower the premium unlocking fee becomes, but roughly $10 worth of premium currency to unlock Lois Griffin alone is rather steep. Unfortunately, the madness doesn’t stop there.


Hey Big Spender

A twelve hour task can be sped up for around 24 clams, which is about a dollar. After finding a few simple items, I was offered to unlock Lois Griffin for 225 clams, for which you’d need to buy $10 worth of clams (you’ll have a few left over). The Stewie Dictator statue, which costs 150,000 coins, is roughly the equivalent to $430 in real money.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? iapmadness

One of the game’s earliest quests is an optional purchase of $4.99 worth of clams, to receive $4.99 of coins free of charge – and despite being optional, it hangs around your task list like a bad smell. Vast amounts of content are (at least at first – this does change) only available using clams. After two weeks of playing and not spending a thing, I have 18 clams.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Essential Fan Service or Free To Play Lunacy? goldensuit

After a fair amount of time (weeks or months) your town will generate a considerable amount of income per day, and that $430 statue is arguably the game’s “final” decoration (at least at this point). The game is paced for short sharp bursts of gameplay, checking in a few times a day to make sure your characters are working overtime. Sure, it’s tempting to do more – but if you’re happy with the pace set by Springfield’s free-to-play outing, you’ll have little trouble adjusting here.

As with most titles in the genre, connecting to Facebook earns you clams and offers you the opportunity to visit other Quahogs in your friend list, in addition to “Ollieland” which you can visit once a day. These trips into the multiverse earn coins and premium currency, but Facebook integration’s is most useful for playing across different devices. You can also connect use Google+ if you’re Zuckerberg averse.

Should You Bother?

If you love Family Guy, you’re probably going to love The Quest for Stuff. If you don’t, then why are you reading this review? Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a feast for the eyes, and a treat for fans – at a cost. Money. Actual money for virtual items that sit on a screen BitCoin – Buy, Sell & Trade Using Anonymous Peer-To-Peer Currency Earlier this month two prominent US politicians wrote to US Attorney General Eric Holder to express concerns about the rise of a new online currency – BitCoin. The anonymous, peer-to-peer currency has become very popular... Read More and don’t really do much.

Make no mistake, this is a fun game – doubly so for big fans of the show – but you’re either going to have to be patient or filthy stinking rich in order to get on with it.

Have you played The Quest for Stuff? What about Tapped Out? Let us know what you think!

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      Pretty much all of these "hacks" are either malware for your phone or hosted on websites that will either extort you or infect your computer if susceptible.

  7. Anonymous
    May 9, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    I have been playing tapped out for a while now. I havent spent a penny . I enjoy the challenge of the game and waiting is a part of it. I have started family guy and get the same enjoyment. Eachbrequires a few minutes a day and im not tethered like the candy crushers. Both are great games for fans.

  8. KT
    May 9, 2014 at 12:19 am

    Sounds like Bloons Monkey City. With an auto clicker program and some patience, it can be fun. Basically, pay to win games are an abomination. I'm waiting for the next 1983 video game crash to clean the corporate trash from gaming.

    • Tim B
      May 9, 2014 at 1:11 am

      I'd liken this more to a "collect 'em up" style game, than a pay to win game. Pay to win, at least to me, means World of Tanks or League of Legends, where premium purchases can really give you the edge over the competition. I hate them, I have nothing to do with them.

      Here, there's no competitive element whatsoever. It's a cathartic experience of tapping, collecting and building a completely useless virtual town that serves little purpose other than being an ode to the show.

  9. Amine D
    May 8, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    I think this game is a copy of: The Simpsons Taped out, nothing new or special

    • Tim B
      May 9, 2014 at 12:11 am

      Yup, except for the whole different franchise thing, that's exactly what it is.

      FOX cashing in on something by repeating a tried and tested formula? Well I never!